Your Holiday Checklist | PRP Therapy For The Face

Bringing in the new year with a new you doesn’t have to break the bank. You’d be surprised. New, non-invasive procedures reduce the time it takes to heal, as well as the pain involved. Including one procedure that uses material made from special ingredients tailored to fit your body in every way.

We all know that over time, our skin gives in to gravity, the elements, and the aging process. Other factors like carcinogens and lifestyle choices cause some of us to develop wrinkles, lines, creases, and loss of elasticity in our facial skin at a faster rate. Platelet Rich Plasma therapy could be for you if you are seeking to correct unwanted wrinkles, lines, creases, and furrows in your face. You might consider PRP Therapy if you wish to avoid surgery or you are looking to eliminate allergens.

Why PRP Therapy?

PRP Therapy uses plasma that is rich in platelets. And since the plasma is harvested from your own blood, it has an almost magical effect on stimulating your body’s natural production of collagen and skin cells; it is often referred to as “liquid gold” by cosmetic surgeons and patients alike because of its ability to lift and tighten your facial skin almost by magic.

Other benefits include:

  • Long Lasting Effects
  • Minimal Scarring
  • Shorter Healing Time

How Is PRP Therapy Administered?

PRP therapy involves a five-step process:

  • Your doctor will give you a consultation to make sure you are a good candidate.
  • Your blood will be taken, similar to the process you go through to donate blood.
  • Your blood is placed in a centrifuge (a machine with a rapidly rotating container) where your blood separates and your platelets are harvested.
  • Your platelet-rich-plasma is prepared by the medical staff.
  • Your doctor will inject PRP into the desired area with a thin needle, and you’ll be able to see results within two or three months following the procedure!

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