Yeast Infections and…Yogurt?

Did someone just say yeast infection? Ugh, talk about a dump on your day. Unfortunately, as a woman, we all have experienced a yeast infection at some point, and they are no fun. You’ve tried everything from douches, garlic, tea tree oil and even cranberry juice. Suddenly, you come across the use of yogurt. Yes, yogurt! Yogurt has been shown to cure yeast infections in women.

Yeast infections are due to the overgrowth of a yeast fungus that lives in the vagina and continues to develop if not treated. Lactobacillus fights to keep yeast under control, but when it is not able to keep up, it causes a yeast infection to develop.

If you feel like you are experiencing a yeast infection, here are a few symptoms to look out for:

  • Severe vaginal itching
  • Vaginal discharge – usually thick, odorless, white and clumpy
  • Red, irritated skin around the labia
  • Pain in the vagina during intercourse
  • Pain when urinating

Does yogurt really help to cure yeast infections?

Yogurt is one of the most common “do-it-yourself” cures. Lactobacillus acidophilus, which is found in a healthy vagina, is also in yogurt. Surprised, huh? Some women use yogurt to treat the yeast infection by injecting it into the vagina.

How do I get it up there?

Here are two ways that we have found that women apply it:

  1. Get a plastic tampon applicator, put yogurt into it and freeze it. This is handy for soothing the burning sensation and fighting the fungus in the same process.
  2. Don’t feel like using a tampon? A syringe – with no needle – works just as well. All you have to do is squirt it up there.

Regardless of what method you decide to use, be sure that you are using unflavored, plain yogurt with no added sugar.