Why Your Back Is Hurting


Possible Reasons Your Back May Be Hurting

back-pain-lower-upper-strain-rebecca-stachniak-doctor-top10md-2That pesky sharp pain in your back, the culprit of your sleepless nights, can often result from everyday activities. Many back strains can happen due to work or exercising. Just being aware of the harmful effects of the things you do every day can keep you from putting your back at further risk.

Lifting Can Cause Back Pain

Heavy lifting is a common cause of back pain. Lifting weights overhead can be especially unsafe. Weights being held overhead put more pressure on the discs and the joints in the spine than normal, leading to their eventual wear. But no matter what you do, make sure not to bend forward and lift at the same time. This is the ultimate sin and puts even more pressure on the back.

A New Exercise or Movement Can Lead To Back Pain

back-pain-lower-upper-strain-rebecca-stachniak-doctor-top10mdTrying new things is a good thing… but it can have a toll on your body. Trying a new sport or activity can put foreign stress on your back muscles leading to muscle strain.

Too Much of Anything is Bad For You

Any repetitive motion, (twisting, lifting, etc.) can cause the muscles in your back to tighten and tear. Rowing and baseball can be strenuous, and over time, these activities can put your back under chronic strain.

Excessive Driving Can Take a Toll on Your Back

The insistent “are we there yet?” isn’t the only painful part about taking long drives. People who drive for long hours consistently are at risk for developing back strain. The subtle body vibrations that are felt by the driver can cause pain over time. Truck drivers, who sit days behind the wheel, are especially perceptible to chronic pain back.

While some of these activities are unavoidable in daily life, just being aware can be one step towards better health. Most back pain is relatively harmless and can be treated with self-care.

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