When To See A Spine Specialist


Should I See a Spine Specialist?

alone-architect-back-work-pain-spine-surgery-rebecca-stachniak-top10md-blogBack Problems are common with age, but that is no reason to dismiss a potentially harmful injury. Many people are scared of consulting a specialist because their immediate thought is surgery. But this is a common misconception. There are many specialists that use non-surgical approaches to treating back pain.

Signs When It Is Time To See A Spine Specialist

Reduced quality of life

Were you once an avid golfer, and now you see yourself watching from the sidelines? Or are you a parent that’s finding it increasingly difficult to keep up with your 4-year-old child? Problems with your spine can keep you from enjoying the little things in life that make it so special. Spine specialists can provide treatment plans to help you return to a healthy life.

Constant Pain

balance-body-exercise-spine-surgery-rebecca-stachniak-dallas-top10md-blogIf you find yourself always in pain, it might be time to pick up the phone and schedule an appointment. Most people face localized temporary pain. But if the pain persists after a few days or taking over the counter medication, it is advisable to see a specialist.

Multiple Symptoms

If your back pain is coupled with bladder problems, leg/arm pain, ill-functioning feet or if your back pain is a result of a recent fall or car crash, it is important to contact a spine specialist. When back pain is coupled with one of these other symptoms, it is signs of an underlying condition.


Numbness is indicative of nerve damage. The spine contains many nerves that play roles all throughout the body, so an injury to the nerves in your spine can cause numbness anywhere in the body. Prolonger numbness can indicate an underlying problem, so be sure to schedule an appointment.

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