What Does Your Mommy Makeover Look Like?

A mommy makeover is NOT a procedure or the same for all mommies; but rather a personalized combination of procedures designed to help you look and feel your best after pregnancy.

Why a Mommy Makeover?

In addition to your new (or older) bundle of joy, pregnancy can bring with it many undesired physical changes to your body. From weight gain to sagging or excess skin, your body may seem foreign to you after your children. A growing number of moms (new or not-so-new) are choosing to combat these changes and undergo cosmetic surgery to regain their “pre-baby” bodies. It can help restore or improve your body (and spirits) so you can enjoy your body as much as your growing family. Typically, it’s going to include surgery for the tummy and the breast; although we’ve talked with women who’ve discussed their knees, even their faces or noses while inquiring about a mommy makeover.

What’s Included?

As your weight yo-yo’s during your pregnancies, your skin can become loose and despite getting back into the gym or diets, you may be unable to regain your pre-baby body. Often during pregnancy, your abdominal muscles become separated (called diastases) which, no matter how much you exercise, can’t be brought back together without surgical help. You may also have a lost volume to your breasts (deflated), or end up with breasts that now are droopy or saggy. Indeed, some mom now has breasts larger and heavier than before. Needless to say, most moms’ look in the mirror longing for their pre-baby bodies; so the good news, a mommy makeover can help get that back for you!

The Results

The good news is that a mommy makeover can improve several areas of the body with one surgery. It can help restore youthfulness, reduce excess fat, tighten loose skin and enhance breast volume or “perkiness”. All in all, a thorough mommy makeover can help restore self-confidence by making you comfortable again in your own skin.

So, what’s your mommy makeover look like? A full tummy tuck and breast implants (augmentation)? An extended mini tummy tuck with some liposuction and breast lift? Maybe, tummy and hip liposuction with a modified breast lift and new implants? The possibilities are as varied as the kids in a mommy playgroup!

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