Turn Up The Heat with SculpSure!

Gynecologist and Functional Medicine Specialist Dr. MaryAnn Prewitt now offer the newest clinically proven and FDA-cleared technology in reducing stubborn fat in just 25 minutes – SculpSure! When you check yourself in the mirror, are you happy with your body? No matter how hard we work at the gym or how careful we are with what we eat those fat deposits just won’t go away. In fact, 89% of us feel bothered by excess weight in a specific area on our body, wishing and hoping fat would just disappear.

SculpSure is a breakthrough light-based body contouring procedure created to reduce areas of stubborn fat in your problem areas such as the stomach or love handles. “This process of body sculpting is a major game changer,” says Dr. Prewitt of HealthWellnessMD. “Without surgery or recovery time, the patient sees quicker results.” With CoolSculpting, there is pulling, sucking and cooling of fat between two plates. In the SculpSure method, there is no suction or pulling of tissue. The device simply lays flat on top of the tissue while energy causes damage to the fat cells by penetrating the tissue. From here, your body’s immune system kicks in to clear away those damaged cells and the treated area shrinks. At most, patients feel a deep warming sensation – it’s virtually painless.

The whole process takes only 25 minutes, less than half the amount of time it takes for a single cycle of Coolsculpting. In addition, you can address up to four problem areas in one treatment. With four separate applicator heads, your physician can adjust the placement depending on where you need the fat reduced. The process is safe for the skin too. Regardless of whether you are fair or very dark skinned, the skin remains unaffected by the treatment.

After the treatment, up to 24% of the fat cells are destroyed and will not regenerate. You can immediately get back to your day, celebrating the results you will soon see. Most patients see results as early as six weeks after the procedure. Every patient is different so customized plans are the best choice although many can see excellent results after two treatments. Your provider can help create a treatment plan that is right for you.

Curious to see how it works? “The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills” star Kyle Richards gives a glimpse into the process of SculpSure.

Dallas Gynecologist and Functional Medicine Specialist Dr. Maryann Prewitt is Director and Founder of HealthWellnessMD. Dr. Prewitt is a Fellow and Board Certified by the America College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists. Dr. Prewitt holds a Master’s Certification in the da Vinci Surgery System – this minimally invasive technology has revolutionized the way surgery is performed today. Named Top10MD in 2016 an honor only 1-in-3 doctors succeeds with in the United States. Call Dr. Prewitt’s office today and schedule an appointment at 972.380.1099.