Top 5 Men’s Plastic Surgery

Men, It’s Okay to be Interested in Plastic Surgery.

Although it may seem like plastic surgery is always associated with women, that is a misleading notion. Men are increasingly pursuing plastic surgery as a way to improve any insecurities about their body as women have done for centuries. In fact, the five most popular plastic surgery procedures for men that have skyrocketed in recent years are:


men-plastic-surgery-options-cosmetic-robert-wilcox-top10md-blogAlso known as male breast reduction, is increasingly popular as men have become more comfortable with it. In 2017, 26,839 men went under the knife accounting for 40% of all breast reduction surgeries that year. Men seem to really despise the condition of having larger breasts and are eager to decrease them even though their female partners may not understand why. Men can care about their bodies just as much as women do.


Liposuction for the abdomen or love handles has always been a common surgical procedure for men because it is a one-time procedure. Once the fat cells are removed from the chosen area, they do not come back.

Eyelid Surgery

Just as popular with women, eyelid surgery is prevalent among men as it is practical and cosmetic. If an eyelid is interfering with one’s vision, it can easily be lifted to ensure the patient’s eye is fully functional again. In addition to an eyelift’s functional benefits, it can take years off of your face. Because of its multiple purposes, eyelid surgery is like killing two birds with one stone.


men-plastic-surgery-options-cosmetic-botox-robert-wilcox-top10md-blogImproving men’s visible signs of aging in the face and neck through the means of Botox and facelifts is appealing because it can help them look younger and fresher without going through a long surgical procedure. Some key differences between men and women that plastic surgeons have to be mindful of, however, is that men tend to have beards, thicker skin, and an approximately ten-millimeter strip of hairless skin in front of their ears.

Nose Surgery

Although this surgery is most known for being conducted on women, men tend to opt for it as well these days as they are no longer inhibited by the strong stigma against it. However, it is often young or teen men that pursue it. Nose surgery, or rhinoplasty, is known to be a great self-esteem booster. Plus, in the age of selfies, a flattering selfie taken by a man with a new and improved nose can do wonders to impress someone on Facebook.

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