The New Perma Facial Implant By Surgisil | Top10MD

That’s right ladies, there’s another semi-permanent facial implant solution out on the market!  It is an ongoing challenge in today’s facial plastic surgery arena to find that perfect solution which promotes tissue augmentation.  More often than not, result can be inconsistent and this ends in discouragement from both the doctor and the patient.

Facial solutions which are temporary involve commercially produced fillers which end up being unpredictable on how long they last as well as what the results will look like after being administered.  Furthermore, the repetitive nature of these treatments ends up being very costly.

In regards to permanent solutions,  the implants can cause tissue ingrowth where tissue or scar tissue grows around the implant, making it more difficult to move that area.

Surgisil has now produced the  Perma Facial implant,  which is a safe solution for soft tissue implatns to the face which are permanent.  After extensive clinical testing, this solution is patented and FDA approved to assure your safety.

What is Perma Facial Made Of?

Perma facial  is made of a soft, silicone elastomer.  Through an injection molding process, the implant gains a natural contoured shape. This implant  has a non-porous, smoothe surface that will not deflate or rupture.  This is a permanent implant, however it can be removed at any time.

What’s the Perma Facial  Procedure Like?

This procedure is perfomed with local anesthesia in an out-patient office setting.  The whole process can take as little as 30 minutes, after which you can return to normal activities the following day.

There are a variety of different sizes for the Perma Facial implant so that it can be customized for each individual for best results.  So if you feel let down in the past by other products, what are you waiting for? Perma Facial awaits you!