Sunglasses or Sunburned Eyes?

Many of us buy sunglasses to make a fashion statement, but sunglasses were designed originally to protect our eyes from UV rays. With winter still in full swing, we often don’t think of solar UV rays affecting us in cold weather. Typically, when we hear about UV safety we only think to protect our skin on sunny summer days, but we do not think about protecting our eyes. Getting protection for your eyes year-round will not only protect you from harmful light rays but will also preserve your vision.

They say the eyes are the windows to the soul. If you have eye problems, it will be very difficult to see into someone’s soul, let alone see at all. UV rays damage the eyes like it does the skin. UV rays can cause a sunburn in the eyes. The condition is very painful. Macular degeneration and cataracts are two other common issues that occur from too much sun exposure in the eyes. Cancer may also result. In most cases, cancer occurs in the eyelids.

You have probably never considered sunlight to be damaging to your eyes. When you have UV damage, you will start experiencing symptoms. Most symptoms start out as symptoms of sunburn. Your eyes will be red. You will also feel as if something is in your eyes. There is sensitivity to light and the eyes tear up very easily. These symptoms usually go away after a while. When you allow UV light to damage your eyes continuously, you will only cause permanent damage. Some forms of damage cannot be treated.

You can do your best not to look at the sun, but that is not enough. To truly protect yourself, you need sunglasses. Sometimes cheap sunglasses is not the best. Your sunglasses should block out almost 100% of the UV rays. The color of the lenses is also important. The lenses should not have any imperfections. The lenses should also be a gray color. A light colored lens will not block out the sunlight properly. If you are just going outside on a casual day, it is enough to have a good pair of sunglasses. If you work outside, it is important to get a good sturdy pair of sunglasses. Construction workers and electricians are in definite need of a good pair of sunglasses.

The light is good for you, but too much UV light can be damaging. Sunglasses are a great way to protect you from the harmful rays of UV light. It is easy to buy a cheap pair of sunglasses, but those may not protect you as much as they should. Save up for a good pair of sunglasses. They do not only make a fashion statement, but they will protect your eyes much better than those 2 for $20 pair of sunglasses you find at a Kiosk. It is always fun being able to go shopping for something new. It is even better being able to buy something that not only makes you look good but also protects you.