Stress is Everywhere!

Managing stress in the 21st century can feel like an overwhelming task. The demands placed on achievement, work-life balance, and shuffling between computers, tablets, and smartphones can easily flood your brain with overstimulation. When you’re unable to process the information adequately, it can lead to health problems with heart disease, stomach ulcers, and stroke.

Don’t let the everyday hustle and bustle get you down – there are simple steps you can take to get your mojo going again. Consider taking a few small steps towards relaxing your mind and body.

  • Don’t sit and simmer – Move your body! If you work a desk job, set an alarm that goes off hourly to remind you to take a walk or get some fresh air. Movement can have a tremendous effect on your mental health.
  • Make time to do something you enjoy every day. It’s important you have YOU time.
  • Get enough sleep! Although it varies per individual, the average is eight hours per night to feel rested and rejuvenated the next day.
  • Don’t forget to breathe! A deep inhale and exhale can do wonders for clearing your mind and relaxing your muscles.
  • Find what is triggering your anxiety or stress. Is it work? School? A relationship? The first step to addressing your stress is by finding out where it’s coming from.
  • Listen to a meditative or mood-encouraging podcast. Sometimes we just need to hear some positive words. Words of encouragement can go a long way and help you put the moment in perspective.

If you find these steps just simply are not enough to change, alter, or rid of your stressors, you can always turn to professional help. A board-certified psychiatrist can help.