Staggering Statistics: Decline of College Students Mental Health | Top10MD

Today, mental health has become a huge issue on University and college campuses around the globe. No matter your gender, age, race, or economic status, struggles with mental health are an impeding factor to many people’s academic success and overall well-being.

What Sort of Mental Health Issues?

These disorders can range from anxiety, depression, eating disorders and much more. These mental health struggles can have a huge impact on grades and GPA which lead to a higher college drop out rate. Unfortunately, due to the negative stigma surrounding these issues, students tend to suffer in silence rather than getting help for it.

Stats on Student Mental Health

  • Average age of onset of mental health disorders is between 18-24
  • 1,100 college students die each year by suice. This is the 2nd largest leading cause of death on college campuses.
  • Within the past year, 44% of college students have reported to feeling depressed with a difficulty to function.
  • 66% of students who need help don’t receive it.

What Can You Do To Help This?

Encourage someone you know who may be struggling that they have a safe space to speak about it and have nothing to be ashamed about.
Encouraging someone you know who may have a mental health issue to seek help about it.
Be involved in mental health advocacy meetings if possible, to gain a greater awareness on the issue and to gain tools to help others.

Looking For A Doctor?

If you or a friend or loved one is looking for a doctor but don’t know who to go to, check out our top 10 psychiatric doctors in your area today.