Skin Care Commandments: 7 Habits for a Healthier Glow

Our skin is the largest organ of the human body. It maintains our body temperature and protects our organs from bacteria. The average adult has a surface area of approximately 21 square feet and accounts for 6-10% of your body weight. It doesn’t take much to keep our skin healthy and glowing. Read on for a few tips.

1. Drink more water

Water naturally brings life to your body’s largest organ, your skin! Try a large glass of water first thing every morning to flush out your body of toxins. Get smart and carry a “green” reusable bottle you can refill and keep at your desk and definitely ditch that soda for water. Feel good about hydrating and keeping it green.

2. Add more super greens to your smoothies and less sugar

It’s simple to blend up a clean green smoothie in the AM before work! Try adding one cup of kale or spinach, one teaspoon of spirulina powder or a packet of super greens to your next smoothie. Cut down on the sugar in your smoothies. No sweeteners are needed! Just use fresh fruit, balanced with greens, super-boosters like probiotics and unsweetened almond milk. Blend up these beauty smoothies in place of breakfast for a few weeks and watch your skin glow!

3. Exercise!

Exercise helps to improve your body’s circulation and helps to reduce crazy stress! Exercise can also contribute to tighter and younger looking skin. Um, hello, fabulous! Who says you can’t have it all?

4. Take OFF all of that makeup and sleep

Leaving makeup on overnight (ick!) can contribute to clogged pores and increase inflammation, which may lead to skin aging. Remember that a clean, fresh face every night is a beautiful face. Allow your skin to breathe at night. Speaking of, make sure to clock eight hours every night to prevent inflammation on that gorgeous face of yours!

5. Be gentle to thy skin

Try using a gentle and natural olive oil to remove your makeup. Don’t over-wash your face. If you wake up in the morning with a clean face, you may not need to wash it. Use soft cotton to remove eye makeup or your clean hands to wash as needed. Don’t over-irritate your skin; give it a gentle hug and be kind to it.

6. For glowing skin, try eating less sugar and fewer carbs

Recent studies show that there may be a link to carb- and sugar-loaded processed foods and increased inflammation and acne. This is the year to start cutting out sugar, so why not make it a healthy habit? You may just see your skin start to clear up and your energy levels skyrocket! I personally am a believer in this method, and it’s a simple habit to work with! Make sure you are getting more nutrients and fresh foods into that beautiful body and less empty carbs and sugar! Look better, feel amazing!

7. Keep that eye cream cold!

Placing your eye cream in the fridge may help to soothe under the eye and relieve puffiness leaving you feeling oh-so-smart and relaxed. Simple, small tips with big, beautiful benefits!

When all else fails turn to a Board Certified Top10MD Dermatologist to achieve that healthy glow you’re looking for.