Should I Try Juicing?


Juicing is widely known for its health benefits; a few days of juicing can definitely help you lose weight and feel great giving men and women that little extra glow in the summer. The summer heat has arrived and nothing beats those high temps better than a glass of freshly squeezed goodness on the rocks!

Everyone Is Unique

smoothie-juicing-weight-loss-summer-should-i-juice-theresa-garza-specialist-pulp Don’t do what your friends are doing; not everything works the same for everybody. We all have different taste buds and allergies. Be smart about your juicing options.

Fresh Is Best

Only make as much as you can drink in one sitting. If you save your juice for an extended period of time, beware. It can quickly grow harmful bacteria. Make sure your store-bought juices are pasteurized.

Watch Your Sugar

Be careful with store-bought juice. You have to read the labels. Some juice options may appear to be “healthy” but are chock full of sugars. We all know sugar turns to fat which we don’t want or need.

Save That Pulp

smoothie-juicing-weight-loss-summer-should-i-juice-theresa-garza-specialistIf you invest in a juicer, be prepared for the cleanup. I use a gallon-sized plastic bag to catch the pulp. Don’t throw the pulp away! It’s a great source of fiber and there are so many uses for it. Some uses include adding it to your soup to thicken the broth, freezing the pulp for a ‘pulpsicle’, adding it to your boiling water for tea, or even adding it to your homemade veggie burger patties for more flavor and nutrition!

In The End

Juicing is no healthier than eating whole fruits and vegetables. In fact, you actually lose some of the healthy fiber when you extract the pulp; and fiber does a wonderful job of helping you feel full. The remaining liquid, however, is still full of great vitamins, minerals, and plant chemicals that aid in boosting your immune system. There’s the option of blending your fruits and vegetables as well –  this may be the sweet spot of keeping a good level of both nutrients and fiber.

Don’t be scared to experiment! Mix and match your favorite flavors, you might just find the perfect cocktail! Consider odd additions like jalapeno, fennel root, horseradish root, curry powder, fresh herbs, bee pollen, or brewers yeast.

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