PRP Therapy & Joint Pain

How PRP Therapy Can Help Your Joint Pain

Platelet-rich plasma – PRP therapy may be an answer to the aches and pains of getting older. “There comes a time when bending down, walking up the steps, and unscrewing jars are not the easiest things to do,” says Dr. Joseph Cleaver. Arthritis is one of the main culprits of pain and worsens as time passes. In some cases, doctors have seen where arthritis begins to destroy your joints. With age, we may be wiser, but our bodies do start to fail us– it doesn’t have to leave you inactive and debilitated. Previously, the only relief for patients was either icing the joint in pain or scheduling a total joint replacement. Today, joint rejuvenation is possible with platelet-rich plasma therapy.

The Problems with Joints

prp-therapy-joint-pain-arthritis-platelet-rich-plasma-joseph-cleaver-functional-medicine-top10md-blogThere are over 360 joints in our body with the most common joints being the knee, shoulder, and ankle joints. We also have joints in our fingers, wrist, and toes. We all have them; therefore, we are all susceptible to arthritis. Arthritis of the joints causes inflammation and pain. Millions of people in the United States have wear and tear arthritis, also known as osteoarthritis. In the beginning stages, it’s manageable. As the disease progress, the cartilage thins and breaks down. Once your cartilage is gone, you cannot get it back. It causes your bones to rub together which leads to excruciating pain; once arthritis reaches this stage, the only option for treatment was a joint replacement. Now there may be an answer through platelet-rich plasma or PRP.

How Can PRP Help My Joint Pain?

Platelet-rich plasma has been used to treat sports injuries for many years with minimal side effects or allergic reactions; this is possible because the plasma is rich in rejuvenating “growth factors” comes from you. Being able to take something from your body to treat the wear and tear of arthritis sounds like a good idea, what you may not know is that your body has its own natural healing ability. Being able to use your body’s healing process along with the assistance of medicine is bringing about some pretty amazing results. Your Functional Medicine or Integrated Medicine doctor begins by drawing your blood. After a blood draw, the concentrated platelets and plasma that contain the rejuvenating substances from the rest of the blood. Once the Platelet Rich Plasma is ready, your doctor will inject it into the joint.

What Is PRP Therapy, Exactly?

Platelet-rich plasma has both healing properties and has shown beneficial. The problem with arthritis is the inflammation that occurs. Platelet-rich plasma should help to inhibit the inflammation and possibly slow the process of osteoarthritis. The plasma stimulates the growth of new cartilage cells as well as the natural lubricating process. When the joints are properly lubricated, they improve function. One of the greatest benefits is the possibility of decreasing the pain.

Joint pain lowers our quality of life. When you are unable to move and do activities, it can be frustrating. Having arthritis no longer has to keep you from enjoying life. Joint restoration is giving people their life back and restoring joint health. If you are suffering from the consequences of arthritis, perhaps it’s time to look at Platelet-rich plasma therapy.

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