Oh The Benefits of Yoga!

Looking to improve your energy, mood, and sleep, correct your posture, reduce food cravings?

Mind & Body Connection

The mind and body connection during the yoga workout is the main distinguishing element of yoga compared to other exercises.  The act of consciously breathing is a huge anti-aging activity, according to Fitness advisory board member, Cyndi Lee. This “yogic breathing” is said to oxygenate the body’s cells, helping them to get rid of toxins, as well as prevent illnesses.

Benefits Within The Body

The distinct yoga movements and poses help to work inside the body as well as outside the body, causing not only outward benefits of lean muscles and increased bone density but also inward benefits of helping the digestive system, immune system and the reproductive system.

Wringing Your Body Out Like A Washcloth

“Yoga is like wringing your body out like a washcloth,” says Cyndi Lee. “Its one of the best ways to keep things moving in the body. “ Now that’s a pretty great mental image! How great to be able to give our body a “wringing” by practicing yoga just two times a week.

 Yoga Helps You Sleep Better

Once again, we keep coming back to stress.  Stress can cause the brain to spin over ideas and not slow down.  This can cause it to be very difficult to unwind and fall asleep. Because yoga significantly helps relieve stress, through breathing and mental exercises, it also has significant benefits to help people get better sleep.

Yoga Can Even Help Fight Food Cravings

According to research from the University of Washington, a mindful awareness of both the emotional and physical sensations of eating is said to be brought about through the connection of breathing and the physical practice of yoga. Through strengthening the mind-body connection, this can help you become more aware of cravings when they come about and help you slow down to make better choices.

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