New Filler Lasts Two Years! FDA Approved Juvederm ‘Voluma’

Juvederm Voluma XC has finally been FDA approved! It claims to be the first and only FDA filler to correct volume loss in the mid face, attributed to aging, and it can last up to two years!

How Does Voluma Work?

Voluma is supposed to stay in place for two years.  The unique aspect of it is not the material, which is hyaluronic acid, but specifically how it is made that gives it its longer lasting qualities.  The molecules are said to tightly stick together so as to maintain their shape longer.
Dr. Michael Sinclair says, “It’s getting closer to filling the void for what we call the perfect filler.”  See Voluma before and after pictures here!
One patient said she felt no pain at the time of the procedure, but had a little tenderness the next day.
Before getting JuvedermVoluma CX, an injection training video is required.  This goes over the midfacial face anatomy, volume loss in the face related to age, a patient assessment and the injection technique.

What if I Want to Reverse It?

The good news is Voluma is reversible.  This is achieved through injecting another solution into the skin that will break down the filler and reverse its effects. Some of the risks include infection and lumps, but these can be fixed.

Price of Juvederm Voluma

The average cost for one tube of Voluma runs between $800 and $1,000. Depending on the patient’s needs, they may have anywhere from 1-5 tubes.

Is Juvederm Voluma an Alternative to Radiesse?

According to doctors, yes, Juvederm Voluma is a good alternative to Radiesse for filling larger areas with volume, such as cheek hollows. The effects are soft and natural with the ability to add lift as well.   Unlike Radiesse, Juvederm Voluma can be reversed, in the event of a problem.  Another benefit of Juvederm Voluma is that it comes with lidocaine anesthetic in it to reduce any discomfort.
Juvederm Voluma is more expensive than Radiesse, which costs less to achieve the same result, but Radiesse supposedly lasts for less time. These different fillers both have their advantages and disadvatntages. A first time to fillers may want to try Juvederm Voluma, simply because it is reversible. Over the long haul, one can save money through using Radiesse, since Juvederm Voluma contains less volume per syringe.
As this product is newer to the market, the real proof in the pudding will be to see if people are still raving about it two years from now.  Nevertheless, if you need help in finding a specialist for this procedure, check out our Top10MD Medical Aestheticians today!