Lowering Blood Pressure With Fruits And Vegetables | Top10MD

Was your mom right all along? Can we lower our blood pressure with Fruits and Vegetables?  I believe so!  No more  excuses now, eating fruits and vegetables every day will keep the doctor away! More distinctly, conclusive research has found a direct link between the consumption of fruits and vegetables to lower blood pressure and risk for cardiovascular disease.

Details of the Fruit & Vegetables Study

This study was conducted over 7 years on half a million individuals from 10 diverse locations in China.  The individuals were to report how much fruit they consumed on a daily basis, whether it be daily, 1-3 times per week, 4-6 times per week, monthly, or never at all.

Conclusions of The Study

The average age of the individuals was 50 years old. The results showed that those who cosumed fruit daily, lowered their risk for heart disease by 25-40% more than those who never ate fruit.  More specifically, the benefits of eating fruit resulted in lower blood pressure.

Another Study Proves Same Conclusion

In another study conducted on 110,000 men and women over 14 years of time,  the results were the same, concluding that those who ate fruits and vegetables daily had a lowered risk of cardiovascular disease.  Even more conclusively, they linked the  consumption of citrus fruits such as grapefruits, oranges, lemons and limes, to have especially protective benefits.

Benefits of Fruits & Vegetables

  1. Fiber: Fruits and vegetables have fiber which helps keep your digestive track normal as well as helps fill you up.
  2. Lower in Calories:  Fruits and vegetables are naturally lower in calories than many other snack foods.
  3. Vitamins & Minerals:  Because fruits and vegetables are loaded with vitamins and minerals, your body will feel health and energized.
  4. Convenient & Quick Snack:  They are easy to grab for a snack and there is plenty of variety you can choose from.
  5. Health Benefits: As stated earlier, daily consumption of fruits and vegetables can reduce your risk of hear disease.

So if your take-away is one thing… reach for that fruit or vegetable as a snack rather than a processed food such as potato chips!