Love Your Derrière

A nice tush isn’t just a trend that will come and go. It is a much-desired physical attribute by both men and women. Not only does it help you feel confident and attractive but it also helps attract the opposite sex. No sexism here, it’s just how we are wired. And men, don’t think I’m pointing you out; it’s just as important for the ladies.

Men’s preferences are biologically and evolutionarily hardwired to find signs of youth and health attractive in women in order to determine which females are best suited to carry on their gene, and legacy. Healthier and more youthful women are more likely to reproduce and be able to take care of the children after birth, hence ensuring a perpetuation of the male’s gene. And what is more healthy and youthful than a perfectly round and happy derriere? The woman with the larger bottom is seen as more attractive and sensuous.

As I mentioned, same for the ladies, athletic prowess is an important attribute to most women that hearkens back to the beginning of man. An athletic and well-muscled male is more likely to be a good hunter and hence provide for a family. As if that isn’t enough, women who see (or feel) a nice rear end on a male, instinctively trust the man is better at sex, their minds believe the strong gluteal muscles control the thrust on the front side.

We are done with our Anthropology lesson!

Now it’s time to get you the backside you (and your opposite sex) desire to have.

If you think you’ll be able to accomplish such a perfect tush by exercise, then I’m afraid there’s bad news ahead. The gluteus muscles are large and occupy a significant part of the buttocks, depending upon their natural size, and like any muscle, it can be toned and enlarged. So to say that exercise can make your buttocks bigger is true…but only by a minimal amount. Strengthening and toning your gluteal muscles can definitely be done and this may provide a degree of a ‘buttock lift’ but not an actual enlargement of the buttocks.

In order to achieve that actual enlargement fat injections of the buttocks would be the most desirable option. Known as the Brazilian Butt Lift, it is extremely popular because it requires simultaneous liposuction for the fat harvest and as a result, one also gets body contouring through abdominal and flank (“love handle”) reduction. Narrowing the waist makes the buttock look bigger before fat injections are even performed. Fat injections are the icing on the cake, allowing your surgeon to sculpt and fill the butt. Injecting fat creates supple, malleable buttocks that are entirely natural, making fat injections much more appealing than placing buttock implants.

With the surgeon using your own fat cells through liposuction, you don’t have to worry about infection or an allergic reaction to a foreign substance as you would with a buttock implant. A common misconception is that transferring fat cells into another part of the body will cause a lumpy appearance. Not true! The harvested fat cells are carefully processed before being returned, or grafted, into the body. During the fat grafting process, the cells are specifically injected into three discrete tissue layers (deep to gluteus muscle, superficial to gluteus muscle, and within gluteus muscle) of the buttocks to provide more firm, natural-looking contours.

Not only have you added much-desired volume to your backside, but also fat deposits have been removed elsewhere. Your result is an enhanced derriere, with results that are long-lasting and have no need for touch-ups. Based on our Anthropology 101 lesson, in the beginning, the benefits of the Brazilian Butt Lift will be a boost for your confidence as well as an “enhancement” (pun intended) of your sexual attractiveness.

Dr. Sam Jejurikar is Dallas Plastic Surgeon and Board Certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery. Dr. Jejurikar is a member of the renowned Dallas Plastic Surgery Institute and is a recognized specialist in buttock augmentation surgery. Dr. Jejurikar has been named Top10MD for two years an honor only 1-in-3 Doctors in the United States qualify for. To schedule your appointment contact Dr. Jejurikar at 214-827-2814.