Lose Weight and Feel Great This Summer with Juicing

Juicing is widely known for its health benefits; a few days of juicing can definitely help you lose weight and feel great giving men and women that little extra glow in the summer. You may be familiar with the lemon juice, cayenne pepper cleanses Beyonce used several years back to drop lbs for her starring role in the Dreamgirls movie (not the healthiest option), but have you truly explored the fascinating world of juicing? The summer heat has arrived and nothing beats those high temps better than a glass of freshly squeezed goodness on the rocks!









Ready to officially kick off the summer and celebrate with me poolside? Here are a few juicy tips to help you drop those dreaded final 5 or 10 pounds and be swimsuit ready.

Juice Tip #1: Don’t do what your friends are doing; not everything works the same for everybody. We all have different taste buds and allergies. Be SMART about your JUICE. If you are just getting started, I highly recommend the following book. I keep it in my kitchen and refer to it repeatedly.

Juice Tip #2: Be careful with store-bought juice. You have to read the labels. Some juice options may appear to be “healthy”.Many, however, are filled with sugar. We all know sugar turns to fat which we don’t want or need.

Juice Tip #3: If you invest in a juicer, be prepared for the cleanup. I use a gallon-sized plastic bag to catch the pulp and then to throw away. I personally use the Breville Juice Fountain.

My favorite squeeze: My hubby’s recipe, of course! He is adventurous and throws in a little of this and that. Practice really makes perfect when it comes to juicing.

My husband’s juice includes celery, kale, carrots, romaine lettuce, ginger, lemon, pear, lime, green apple, and half a Jalapeno. Happy juicing!


Veronica Torres Hazley is a proud mom and founder of V12 Yoga Studios in Dallas, Texas. Veronica a part of our Community Influencers Series which was created to shine a light on interesting men and women in the community that support Top10MD’s mission of sharing information and resources on wellness and healthy living.