Is There Such a Thing as Too Much Exercise?

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Can Too Much Exercise Really Do More Harm Than Good?

According to research, James O’Keefe, a cardiologist at Mid America Heart Institute of St. Luke’s Hospital in Kansas, MO, found that if exercise is overdone, it actually can be harmful.  O’Keefe says, “As great as exercise is, it’s like a powerful drug. More is better up to a certain dose, but after that, there is a point of diminishing returns, and it may actually detract from your longevity.

This study was based on people we could call “extreme athletes,” who participated in triathlons, marathons, and ultra marathons on a regular basis.  While people who exercise regularly (15 minutes -1 hour per day several days a week), reap extreme physical and mental benefits, the “extreme athletes” were found to have a higher dose of an enzyme called troponin. Troponin is also released when someone is having a heart attack.

How Scar Tissue Is Affected By Too Much Exercise

Since the troponin enzyme is released when the heart muscle is in distress, this can happen while both having a heart attack or exercising excessively. This enzyme can cause scar tissue making the heart more vulnerable to abnormal heart rhythms. So, while exercise is good for your overall heart health, too much can be detrimental.

exercise too much top10mdResult: Don’t Overdo It With Too Much Exercise

Getting a low to moderate amount of exercise several days a week is essential to optimal health. We suggest spacing out about an hour and a half worth of exercise in a single week. Depending on the results you’re seeking (lose weight, tone, build muscle, feel better), you should be able to find a good pace at which you can maintain a steady heart rate but not overdo it. Take your time. Get to know and listen to your body!

Afterall, your body is a temple.

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