Is Breakfast Important?

As a child growing up, we were told that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. But is this true? Often, we find ourselves skipping it. A survey by the NPD Group found that 31-million Americans, about 10 percent of the U.S. population, do not eat breakfast. Some people skip it due to weight loss, lack of time or it’s simply too early to be hungry. Researchers found that each person reacts differently to missing breakfast. After extensive researching, there is no evidence that missing breakfast leads to weight loss or that eating breakfast leads to gain weight or less energy. Although skipping breakfast might necessarily not be harmful to your health, it can work in your favor in many ways. Breakfast not only gives you fuel but allows you to manage lunch portions and stave off hunger pangs.

“There’s no real standard definition of breakfast,” says Megan McCrory, Ph.D. McCrory tells us that some people consider a banana or yogurt a good breakfast, while others may eat a larger portion of eggs, bacon, and toast. The definition of breakfast varies from person to person. Regardless of what you eat, it will benefit you to have something in your stomach before starting your day as it helps to get your metabolism going.

What If I Grab A Donut?

A healthy breakfast is crucial! Donuts don’t cut it. It’s okay to treat yourself sometimes, but moderation is the key. It is better to stick with foods that are lower in sugar and carbohydrates as these can encourage more snacking throughout the day. High protein foods such as granola, lean meat, eggs, soy, Greek yogurt, and vegetables will give you lasting energy and help you feel fuller longer.

Breakfast & Disease

According to the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, some diseases are associated with not having breakfast. A healthy breakfast helps to lower your chances of both diabetes and heart disease.

Although there is not any evidence that skipping breakfast is a risk to you, there are plenty of great reasons why you should make breakfast the first meal of your day.