An Innovative Service Connecting Patients to Credentialed Doctors

An Innovative Service Connecting Patients to Credentialed Doctors

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Dallas, TX | November 13, 2014

For many consumers, finding a medical specialist they can trust is a painstaking and daunting process. Preventable medical errors alone are responsible for the deaths of 440,000 Americans each year as reported by the prestigious Journal of Patient Safety. Even with a referral from their physician, there are no guarantees that the doctor a patient chooses will be someone whom they can trust.

Validating our Doctors – So you don’t have to

Responding to this growing challenge is – a patient-to-doctor referral service that credentials its affiliated physicians using an independent third-party credentialist. “Given the reported cases of patient deaths and physician fraud in our Health Care system, consumers are taking greater responsibility for finding doctors they can trust,” says Jana Barrington, President, and CEO of “What makes our service unique is our Doctor Validation Process which credentials physicians to assure they are who they say they are, verify they are licensed and free of serious patient care sanctions and not part of the 65,000 state-mandated drug screens performed annually so that consumers can make an informed decision.”

Consumers visiting can choose from over 30 medical specialties and the website provides profiles of up to 10 credentialed doctors per specialty, giving patients a choice, but not overwhelming them with hundreds of options. Each affiliated physician, who has elected to be a member of Top10MD, has agreed to be credentialed by an independent third party credentialist. launched in Dallas/Fort Worth and is quickly rolling out to San Antonio, Austin, and Houston. “We plan to expand across the United States,” says Ms. Barrington. “Our mission is to help connect patients to doctors, in their city… doctors they and their family can trust.”

Learn more at as well as review our Top10MD validating and credentialing process video:

 Jana Barrington, President CEO
Ph: 800-613-4071