Increase Your Energy, Naturally

It can happen to the best of us. We wake up wanting to hit the snooze button, bury our head in the pillow and sleep for just a few more hours. Or, we desperately need a nap just to get through those afternoon meetings. Functional medicine expert Dr. Susan Linder, Medical Director of HealthSpringMD, shares that there is no single approach to optimizing energy. Doctor Linder suggests, “Neither diet nor exercise alone will balance your body’s complex energy needs. Energy, or lack of energy, is often the result of a various combination of lifestyle habits such as your diet, stress management, sleep, exercise, hormone balance, and detoxification”

Many factors play in your energy, health, happiness, and appearance. Are you familiar with the afternoon slump? Are you struggling to power through the day? There are a few ways to bring your energy levels up, without feeling too wired to sleep at night.

Make Fiber Your Breakfast Buddy

Breakfast choices can make a world of difference between feeling sluggish, or feeling “full steam ahead.” It is important to remember that what is put in your mouth is what fuels you throughout the day. Meals that provide the most gusto are full of fiber and protein. This combination not only helps you feel full but keeps your blood sugar steady, preventing the sugar crash you’d get with a breakfast of donuts and sugary coffee. Eliminate the fruity cereal, and try eggs with Sautéed potatoes and vegetables using healthy oils like coconut. You will definitely feel the difference in your energy level.

Give Yourself a Break, Lots of Them

Studies have shown that those who take several short breaks throughout the work day are more efficient, and make fewer mistakes than those who just take one or two long breaks. Breaks can help you be more productive while avoiding burnout. Set aside a few minutes to take a brisk walk, read a few chapters in your favorite book, have prayer or meditation time, or enjoy some full body stretches.

Provide the Right Fuel

Is your stomach growling? You will want to reach for healthy fuel for your body, which most likely means walking straight past the vending machine. Simple carbs and sugars that you’d find in a candy bar or bag of chips will raise your blood sugar, but then come crashing down, leaving you more ready for a nap than you were before. Plus, you’ll still feel hungry and need to eat more. Instead, bring a healthy snack from home to avoid the coffee shop muffin temptation. A handful of almonds or an apple with almond butter would both be excellent choices.

Get Moving

Did you know that a brisk, 10-minute walk can provide you with more energy than a candy bar? It not only improves your circulation but may also lift your mood, and improve your concentration. If you are sitting at a desk during the day, every hour or two get up and take a quick walk, even if it is just for a few minutes outside to enjoy a breath of fresh air.

Assess Your Stress

Stress is something we all struggle with in this day and age. The key is not to let it win. Some stress may help motivate you, but too much stress can hurt your productivity, concentration, and overall health. It can cause insomnia, anxiety, and exhaustion. Make the necessary changes in your life to eliminate unnecessary stress. If your work is taking a toll on your health, talk to your Manager or Human Resource Representative about your options. If finances are worrying you, seek guidance from a financial advisor to take control. Are relationships causing a strain? Seek a good counselor. The key to beating stress is to manage it before it beats you.

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Dr. Susan K. Linder is a Diplomat of the American Board of Anti-Aging, Functional & Regenerative Medicine. She is also board certified in Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation, with a subspecialty board certification in Pain Management. Dr. Linder is the Medical Director of HealthSpringMD conveniently located in Fort Worth, TX. For more information on nutritional health, bio-identical hormone replacement therapy, and overall Optimal Wellness visit Dr. Linder’s website or call today to reserve a seat at one of her free educational seminars 817-926- 7671.