Hybrid Tummy Tuck

For many women, it’s difficult going from the joyous time of childbirth to the dissatisfaction with their body that’s left afterward. To ensure all women feel happy and secure in their body at all points of their life, a hybrid tummy tuck option is available. This procedure is perfect for moms looking to restore their confidence.

Why Is It Different From Traditional Alternatives?

When a child is in the womb, the actual space the baby takes up is enormous. It’s not just the weight of the baby but also the placenta and fluid which add 15-18 pounds to the abdomen behind the fascia. The fascia, the skin or layer of the muscle, gets stretched out during pregnancy and rarely goes back to its original form. With a hybrid tummy tuck, the lining of the muscle is tightened because that’s what actually gets stretched out rather than the actual muscle. It’s similar to a patient being laced up and tightened through an internal corset in which the waist gets smaller, allowing the bulges in the lower abdomen to shrink. The bulge, which looks like a pocket of fat, is actually loose fascia that has ripped during childbirth and sticks out. The formation of a pot belly that occurs due to this can’t even go away with a liposuction, making a hybrid tummy tuck the ideal solution.

Hybrid Tummy Tuck Procedure

The hybrid tummy tuck procedure consists of a short incision that tightens the entire abdominal fascia. Differing from a traditional tummy tuck, this hybrid alternative has a much shorter incision, much like one during a C section, rather than going hip to hip. There are multiple different types of techniques with a hybrid tummy tuck such as a “mini-tummy tuck” or “full-tummy tuck.” The technique that is best for the patient depends on how loose the skin is, how loose the fascia is, and whether or not the extra fat can be reduced.

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