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Credentials Verified Yearly


Why is Credentialing Important?

Finding a doctor can be a daunting experience. Finding the right doctor with the right credentials is essential. 

A doctor with credentials verified yearly is a critical element in your physician selection process. Your doctor’s credentials are important; they can provide an impact on your overall quality of healthcare and well-being. Top10MD takes this challenging task and puts your mind at ease.  By choosing a Top10MD, the research has been done for you!

Today more than ever it’s imperative to check your doctor’s credentials. Top10MD’s credentials are validated via a certified independent third-party credentialist yearly.

Credentials Verified Yearly

  • State Medical License –Current & clear of serious patient care actions
  • Malpractice Insurance – Current malpractice coverage
  • DEA & DPS License – Current with no restrictions
  • Five+ Years Experience and/or 300 procedures performed
  • Patient Satisfaction Scores – Scored annually

A credential is an attestation of qualification, competence, or authority issued to an individual. Examples of credentials are academic degrees, certifications and licenses.

Credentialing ensures the legitimacy and experience of doctor’s credentials through review of their education, board certifications, medical licenses, registrations, patient satisfaction scoring and years of experience. Knowledge is power; our goal at Top10MD is to give you and your family the peace of mind to make an informed choice.

Credentialing is a detailed review and evaluation of not only the doctor’s education but all elements of a doctor’s qualifications. This process verifies that the doctor completed their education, residency and training, as well as obtaining their state medical license in the state they are practicing in. All board certifications, DEA and DPS registrations are vetted including the doctors Patient Satisfaction Scores.

Today, more than ever it’s imperative to check your doctor’s credentials. Top10MD’s independent third-party Credentialist performs this for you- yearly!

Independent Third-Party Credentialing – Performed Annually

Top10MD | Dedicated to Improving The Patient Experience.

Credentials Verified Yearly
Board Certification Verified
State Medical license Current
Malpractice Coverage Current
DEA / DPS Registration
Patient Satisfaction
Experience Matters