How To Deal With Itchiness

The Winter Itch – How To Deal With Dry Skin


If you’ve ever been the unfortunate victim of a pesky little itch, you are no stranger to that feeling of euphoria when it finally goes away. The following article outlines some of the causes of an itch and what you can do to relieve itching.

Why Am I Itchy?

Your skin provides your body with the first line of defense in fighting infections. It’s filled with tons of cells from your immune system that helps fight viruses, bacteria, and other hidden threats. If these cells recognize some foreign material, they stimulate an inflammatory response which leads to itching. Some itches are localized and only occur in one area. Others are more general and happen all around your body.

Common Causes of Itchiness

One of the biggest culprits for itching is dry skin. If you always find yourself itching but see no red spots where you’re itching, the cause could be dry skin.

Another common cause is eczema. Eczema leads to the skin drying out which in turn causes more inflammation and irritation.

Allergies and Itchy Skin

Whenever you have an allergy, your body recognizes the thing you are allergic to as a foreign substance and triggers an immune response. The resulting inflammation around your body which can cause you to have an itching sensation.

Treating Itchy Skin

Some over the counter creams can reduce inflammation and itching, which should be applied with a wet towel. The cooling effect of the towel will help your skin absorb the cream and reduce itch.

Taking a bath or showering with powdered oatmeal eases symptoms of itching. Make sure that the showers do not dry you out, however. Repetitive wetting and drying can result in dried skin and increased itching.

If your itching is a result of allergies, taking over-the-counter allergy medications may help with reducing symptoms. It is important to remember that these methods of itch relief are not substitutes for actual treatments. If itching persists, schedule a consultation with Top10MD Dermatologist today.

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