How Gallbladder Removal Works


What To Expect With Gallbladder Removal

Sharp abdominal pain is often an indication of a problem with your gallbladder. “Gallbladder! What is that? How do I fix it?” The following explains exactly what this organ is and the surgery administered to fix problems caused by your gallbladder.

Why Do I Need My Gallbladder Removed?

gallbladder-pain-removal-general-surgeon-jeremy-parcells-top10md-blogA gallbladder is a tiny, pear-shaped sack right below your liver. It stores bile, but overall it doesn’t do very much. A gallbladder removal surgery may be required if you have pain in that region. Gallstones blocking bile flow, pancreas inflammation caused by gallstones or gallbladder inflammation are all causes for a cholecystectomy (gallbladder removal surgery).

How is Gallbladder Removal Done?

During the surgery, the surgeon makes four cuts in the abdomen. A small camera called a laparoscope is fit in through one of the cuts. The surgeon uses the video from the camera and other tools through the remaining incisions to properly remove the gallbladder. The cuts are then sewn up and the patient is taken into a recovery room. The whole procedure does not take much more than 2 hours time.

Complications of Gallbladder Removal

A gallbladder removal surgery is a relatively low risk, and the patient is usually released the day of the surgery. However, some complications include bleeding, blood clots, heart problems, infection, pancreatitis or pneumonia. It is important to keep in mind that the risks depend on the patient’s overall health.

After a cholecystectomy, the discomfort arising from gallstones should subside. Most patients will not experience any digestive problems but may encounter one or two occurrences of loose stool. You can usually return to your normal lifestyle after a few days of your surgery.

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