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Maybe that old saying, “Happy wife, happy life,” is a little more accurate than we thought.  According to a study conducted at Rutgers University, men tend to have a greater overall satisfaction and self-confidence boost when their wife is happy, than what men think about the state of their marital union.

The study was conducted on the overall well-being and marital quality of couples at least 50 years old that have been married for an average of 39 years. If couples were satisfied in their marriages, men tended to report slightly higher marital happiness than their wives.

The Unhappy Wife Scenario Spells Serious Marital Trouble

A direct connection was found between those women who were unhappy in their marriages and a lower level of contentment among men. To couples who reported a very poor quality of marriage, if women were unhappy, the men scored a 1.8 out of 6 on life satisfaction, but if the women were content men scored a 5.4 out of 6 on life satisfaction.

Why is Women’s Happiness so Critical?

On the other hand, women’s overall life satisfaction score in the category of poorly rated marriages had very little to do with their husband’s marital happiness.   So what does this lead us to conclude on why women’s happiness is so critical? Don’t jump too quickly to the conclusion that a woman who is pampered defines a happy wife who doesn’t complain. It is quite the contrary. Based on research, happy women in their marriages typically make a habit of serving their husbands in order to try and create a positive experience for them. The results are a wife who listens more, complains and vents less often, and offers more emotional support to her husband. And lastly, a happy wife is more willing to “get-it-on” in bed, more often with her husband.

So What Are the Consequences of an Unhappy Wife?

For the scenario of an unhappy wife, she is often more inclined to vent to her spouse about it and she is more prone to confrontation with her husband. On the flip side, men, when unhappy, are more prone to sit silently with their discontentment and hold it inside rather than talk about it.

So What’s The Solution?

Based off this research, it’s a great reminder to stay in communication with your spouse about the “State of your marriage.” Try to have a routine check up with one another every several months to talk about what your hurts were and how you can improve things. And to husbands, don’t forget that just because you are generally happy in your marriage, don’t necessarily assume that that means your wife feels the same way.  So check in on her and yes… ask her about her “feelings”! Communication and allowing a safe space for your wife to talk can create a strengthened marriage.