Factors That Increase Groin Hernia

Groin hernias happen when your soft tissue bulges through a weak point in your abdominal muscles. This type of hernia is very common, with more than 3 million cases reported in the United States every year. Luckily, groin hernias are treatable by your medical professional, resolve within months, and rarely require you to go through tedious lab tests or imaging.

Lots of things increase your risk of having a groin hernia. These factors can be separated into categories. There are risk factors you are in control of, as well as some that are out of your control.

Being Male

The myth that hernias only occur in men isn’t true. The reason that most hernias occur in men is that men have testicles that descend through their inguinal canal shortly after they are born. Theoretically, this canal is supposed to close completely, filling the gap, but often a small pocket is left behind.

Recurring Hernia

If you already have one or more inguinal hernias you will be more susceptible to additional hernias forming.

Muscle Weakness

There are some types of abdominal weakness that can be improved upon (working on your core strength for example), but if you have chronic muscle weakness from birth or muscle weakness due to the natural aging process, you are at greater risk of a groin hernia.

Muscle Strain

Straining during urination, bowel movements or chronic coughing takes a toll on your abdominal muscles.


If you are overweight it will be more difficult to detect a groin hernia forming. Added pounds also make your abdominal muscles to work harder to support your weight.

Weight Loss

Large weight loss can cause a sudden weakening of your abdominal muscles.

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