Everything About Botox

Botox is a prescription medication that is injected into muscles in the face for cosmetic purposes to diminish the appearance of moderate to severe frown lines. The FDA first approved Botox 2002, to treat frown lines. According to the American Society of Plastic Surgery statistics reports from 2017, over 7.2 million injections were performed that year.

Botox Basics

  • 30 minutes is the average time to administer.
  • $380 is the average price per patient.
  • Four months is the average amount of time it lasts.
  • According to statistics, the median age of patients are between the ages of 40-59; however, plenty of patients are using it in their 30’s and even in their 20’s to avoid wrinkles later in life.

Be Weary of the “Botox Bargain”

Yes, it is a well-known fact that Botox specials are happening every day. It is essential to know the potential downfalls of taking advantage of these specials. Sometimes it is priced at a discount because the actual ratio of Botox to the saline solution diluted. The FDA suggested that four units of Botox per 0.1 mL of saline solution. Therefore, be proactive and make sure to ask about how many units being used per area and NOT just what is the total volume of liquid in the syringe is that is injected per area.

The reason you want an accurate ratio of Botox to saline solution is to ensure a natural result; Diluted can lead to poor and unnatural results.

Typical Number of Units Used-Per Area of Face

The amount of needed per area is dependent upon how deep the wrinkles are as well as what the characteristics are of that muscle group. Here is a general idea of how many units for the different areas of the face:

  • Forehead Line: 10-30 units
  • Crow’s Feet: 15-30 units
  • Frown Lines: 20-30 units
  • Neck Bands: 5-10 units

Understanding & Affording Botox

  • Don’t think that you need to fill every little wrinkle that you see.
  • Focus on the bigger problem areas – that can go a long way toward enhancing your youthful appearance.
  • Make sure to pay for the unit instead of by the area.
  • Beware of Botox parties! If the price seems too good to be true, it usually is.
  • The number of units times the price per unit equals the estimated cost.
  • The average cost should range between $150-$600, and based on how many areas treated.

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