Eating Tips For The Late Night Munchies | Top10MD

Let me guess, you’re one of those balanced and healthy eaters during the day, but the moment that those evening hours creep up on you, your diet’s gone out the window and you’re munching on anything to satisfy those fat, salt and sugar cravings. Don’t worry, we’re right there with you!

You ask your significant other if they want anything (to appease your conscience of not eating alone) and, with ease, they say, “No, I’m fine.” Ugh, if only you had that natural sense of self control!

If it’s just too hard to set that boundary of not eating anything after 8pm, or simply, not eating after dinner, then we at least have some helpful and more healthy food swaps for you. 

Healthier Food Options & Eating Tips

 Trade Ice Cream For Healthy Popsicles

It’s easy to be craving something cold, creamy and sweet, but oftentimes you can reach for that pint of

ice cream and be half way through before you realize that you should maybe put the lid back on and stop eating.

A great alternative is a healthy popsicle which can be both lower in calories and fat, as well as helpful with portion control. The popsicles we are referring to are the kinds you can make…so that you know exactly what healthy and whole ingredients are going into them. A great example would be to follow this recipe for blackberry yogurt pops with plain greek yogurt and real fruit added.


Trade Potato Chips for Sweet Potato Chips


Yes, that salty crunch in potato chips is so soul satisfying, but all the calories and fat that are loaded in such a small portion can quickly catch up to you. Instead, choose something like air-popped popcorn and add your own seasonings to spice it up. This way you can actually have a more sizeable portion that is not so calorie dense. Another great option is baked sweet potato chips. This specific brand of Skinny Baked Sweet Potato Chips only has 100 calories per serving!



Trade Peanut Butter For Flat Bread Crackers & Happy Cow Cheese


Even though peanut butter has some good fat and protein, if has to be eaten in moderation to not pack on the calories. If you


want more than one spoonful of something, we suggest flat bread crackers with happy cow cheese. This will give you that samesatisfaction, but you can eat more of it without crashing your diet.

I hope this has given you some better ideas to spice up your night life! Just remember, cravings tend to last just 10 minutes, so grab a tall glass of water or busy yourself with something instead, and see if that’s just one more way to keep your diet in check.