Do You Have Runner’s Roadblock?

Do you have runner’s roadblock? A history of enjoying to run, but now you’ve just hit a wall? Maybe it seems like every possible roadblock occurs when it comes to actually hitting the pavement?  All of a sudden, the idea of going on a run is so intimidating!

Overcoming Negative Emotions

Sport’s psychologist Windee Weiss says that these negative emotions are deeply rooted. She explains that intimidation causes the assumption that you won’t be able to meet the demands of the task, whereas ‘realism accepts that a demand may be tough, but doesn’t place a judgment on it.’  Furthermore, these thoughts can lead to failure related stresses. With added stress, our muscles tighten and fatigue faster and our coordination is negatively affected as well.

How To Overcome That Mental Runner’s Block

Don’t compare yourself to others. Odds are, there are plenty of runners out there with faster times than you and they make it look so effortless. Don’t let this get you down. Embrace how you like to run and the satisfaction that comes with that.

Banish Your Guilt In Regards To Training

There are always times where you feel like you don’t have the dedication it takes to train enough. The truth is, you do have a busy life schedule to work around, so the realistic amount of training you can expect to get done should match that of your lifestyle.  If your running times need significant improvement, then yes, you will probably have to train more and understand that no amount of confident self-talk can get you to a faster time without training for it. Just make sure you give yourself realistic running time goals that fit with a training schedule that can consistently fit into your lifestyle.

Your 1st 5k Race

The best way to remove your runner’s roadblock jitters about your first 5k is to find a friend to do it with you. This will both help your accountability in following through with it, as well as take the pressure off of what pace to set since you can match one another’s paces.

Claim It, You’re A Runner

Don’t make the same misdirected assumption that being a runner means you have to be fast at it. Being a runner really just describes your lifestyle. Whether you run one to two times a week or 5 times a week, you are a runner. You are a runner whether you are slow or fast. Most importantly, don’t forget to have fun and find the joy in running. Forget those anxieties about time goals or frequency of running, just get down to basics and reap the emotional and physical health benefits that come with consistent exercise such as running.

Don’t forget – If you are injured while running, physical therapy may be needed to recover.

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