Dallas Paramedics Under Ebola Observation | Top10MD

Both Fire-Rescue paramedics, as well as Texas Health Presbyterian emergency room workers are under observation as they all had made contact with a patient who is carrying the Ebola virus.

Tuesday evening, September 29th, a whole crew of Ebola experts from The Center of Disease Control & Prevention, was flown in from Atlanta to help the Dallas staff.

One Dallas Fire-Rescue crew member commented that a paramedic who was treating the man, exhibiting possible symptoms of Ebola, then put on a mask and gloves, after this realization.  The patient’s symptoms were GI issues, nausea, and vomiting and high fever.

The observation period for the 3 Dallas paramedics, who may have been exposed, will be 3 weeks, which is the maximum amount of time it can take for Ebola symptoms to show up.

Assistant Chief Norman Seals commented that he spoke to all three paramedics who seemed relaxed and not nearly as concerned as all the hype coming along with this.

Meanwhile, the Dallas County Health department and CDC will be conducting a “contact investigation,” to interview everyone the patient has come in contact with, which is roughly a dozen people in all.

The patient, himself, was a traveller, but we are also hearing that he lived in Dallas, so the investigation continues to help bring more clarity to the situation.

On a positive note, Dallas County Health Director, Zachary Thompson, says this health situation is very manageable.