Da Vinci Xi Robotic Surgical System Unveiled

Imagine you’ve just been diagnosed with a condition requiring major surgery.  In theory, it could be a big ordeal. A large open incision often can mean more time in surgery and a painful and long recovery. But imagine getting that same surgery done, with the smallest incisions possible and very little invasion. That means less hospital stay and quicker recovery with a fast return to daily activities.  Well, da Vinci robotic surgery is making all this possible as it changes the face of modern-day surgical care.

The behemoth of robotic-assisted surgery, Intuitive Surgical, just got FDA approved clearance on the Da Vinci XI system. Gary Guthart, president of Intuitive Surgical, states, “Our goal is to develop technology that enhances surgical performance. The da Vinci Xi System’s new overhead architecture means that multi-quadrant surgery can be performed without repositioning the system, an innovation long sought by surgeons who perform complex procedures.”

Intuitive Surgical strives to provide the least invasive and most advanced option for complex procedures in the cardiac and thoracic areas. With this new headway in technology, surgeries become less expensive and have fewer complications that can come with open procedures.

The da Vinci Xi System for robotic surgery includes 3D-HD visualization, ergonomic design, and intuitive motion. It is capable of bringing a highly magnified view to doctors allowing them to virtually extend their eyes and hands into the patient, thereby gaining greater anatomical access.  It is important to note that this robotic surgery does not replace the doctor with a robot, but rather, the doctor is using this robotic system as his surgical platform to enhance surgical performance.

It is exciting to see how da Vinci is changing the experience of surgery for the patient, the doctors, and even the hospitals.