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Diabetic Foot Care

Why Diabetics Should Take Care of Their Feet

Proper diabetic foot care is important. Diabetics that do not take care of their feet are at a high risk of foot or leg amputation.  Let’s not let that be you!

The reason you are more prone to foot issues is due to nerve damage, restricting blood flow to the feet.

According to The American Diabetes Association, about 1 out of 5 people who go to the hospital for diabetes, do it for foot problems.

How To Take Proper Care of Your Feet

  • Use warm water and mild soap to keep your feet clean
  • Keep your feet dry and do so by patting, not rubbing
  • Apply lotion after washing your feet
  • Examine your feet daily, checking for sores, blisters, dry, cracked skin
  • Pay attention to tenderness, increased warmth, or redness of the skin
  • Never pop a sore or blister, but apply a Band-Aid instead
  • Don’t cross your legs
  • Don’t walk barefoot

Taking Care of Your Toenails

  • Cut toenails straight across
  • Cut toenails right after the shower, when they are soft

Proper Shoe Choices For Diabetics

  • Avoid high heel shoes and pointed toe shoes
  • Use closed toe shoes for protection
  • Allow for ½ inch of extra space at the end of your longest toe

Make sure to have your doctor check your feet every time you go in for an appointment and do not let any potential sign of an infection in your feet linger! It is better to see a doctor right away.


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