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Neck Lift

Although we may not think of it, our neck is one of the first places to start showing the signs of aging. With factors such as the sun and extreme weight loss, the skin on the neck can start to sag and become loose. So instead of all the effort and attention we put into keeping our facial skin in top condition, the skin on the neck is equally important.

Thankfully, there are plenty of options out there to help take care of sagging and aged skin on the neck, to bring back the results of a slim and tight neck that you used to have before.

Neck Lift Procedure

The neck lift procedure produces some of the most dramatic results within cosmetic surgery. This procedure includes the removal of extra skin and potentially restructuring the underlying muscle. On another positive note, this procedure is one of the most reliable and safest procedures in plastic surgery today. Due to enhanced technology, there is minimal incision.

The procedure last anywhere between 2-3 hours and one can either have local or general anesthesia, usually in the patient’s preference. Depending on the patient’s needs, they may just have liposuction performed to remove extra fat, or for more dramatic results, the extra skin may be removed as well. Very discreet incisions are usually placed behind the ears and underneath the chin. After the procedure is complete, the skin will be pulled taut, and sutures will be put in.

Candidates For A Neck Lift

  • Jowls – too much skin or fat underneath jaw
  • Double or triple chin
  • Loose and slack skin across the whole neck
  • Damaged skin from the sun

Neck Lift Results

The results often differ per candidate depending on what you had done. Typically the bands of loose skin, wrinkles, double chins, or extra fat can all be removed and restored to your once more youthful appearance. Despite what you had done, it is very normal to see the majority of results immediately following surgery. And the final results will show 3-6 months after surgery.

Neck Lift Recovery

Immediately following surgery, patients should plan to have a friend or family member stay with them for the first 24 hours because moving will be difficult. The following couple of days, the patient will probably stay in bed and be on pain medication. With returning to work and everyday life, patients will have to be careful to avoid strenuous activity and sports for a few weeks.


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