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Midface Lift

Gravity is a good thing, but it pulls on the face sometimes causing you to need a midface lift. I am sure you have heard of facelifts, but what about a midface lift? When you hear that word what comes to mind? Most people do not compartmentalize their face, but when you think about the middle of your face, you think about the nose and cheeks. Mid-face lifts involve lifting the cheeks. A cheek lift may seem like a minor thing, but it does wonders to the face. Understanding what a midface lift involves and how it can change your face will possibly influence you to get one.

The cheeks are not the most prominent thing in the middle of your face, but when they start to sag, it is noticeable. We do notice people with great cheekbones. Unfortunately, when we gain weight, most people can tell because our cheeks get bigger. Gravity keeps us grounded but over time it pulls on our face, and everything begins to droop. The eyes can look low; the skin begins to sag, and it only reminds us of how old we are. No one wants to look that way. Sometimes even makeup does not help the situation. Everyone wants to look and feel young again. Now you can with a midface lift.

Mid-face Lift vs. Facelift

A facelift is a slightly more involved procedure than a midface lift. A full facelift is meant to improve wrinkles in the face. It gives you an overall youthful appearance. Not only does it lift the cheekbones, but it also treats creasing in the eyes and nose. If you have lost weight, sometimes the fat that is now gone leaves the skin saggy. It treats the excess or droopy skin in the neck and chin that may even create a double chin. Along with a facelift, many people also choose to have brow lifts and eyelid surgery.

A midface lift is not nearly as involved, but it may be all you need to achieve the look you have always wanted. Another name for a mid-face lift is a cheek lift. The primary focus is the upper cheeks and the lower eyelids. The main part of the cheek is made of fat. It is called the fat pad. This pad is lifted to give you a refreshed look. It can also improve smile lines by pulling the corners of the mouth upward. You may not think a cheek lift would do much for the eyes, but it does give them a nice fuller look. A midface lift is a quicker procedure than a facelift, but it too can be accompanied by an eyebrow lift or eyelid surgery. Recovery time is much shorter as well. With a facelift, they work on the forehead, jaw, and neck. Midface lifts only work on the cheekbones.

The Procedure

The procedure is minimally invasive. It is an outpatient procedure that requires only general anesthesia. There is no peeling back of the face and lifting the skin. Small incisions are made either in the temple region and along the hairline. This incision makes scars hardly noticeable. Two more incisions are made in the cheek. The surgeon places a special tool inside the incision in the temple. This tool is meant to lift the fat pad of the cheek. Needles are put into the other two holes in the cheek. The needles are used to sew the fat pad in its new proper place. Once the sutures are in place and secure, the procedure is over. The total procedure only takes about 30 minutes. Once the procedure is over, you will notice instant results. The results may be scary at first because the cheeks may look a bit too high, but as it heals, it settles into a better position. Recovery only takes about a week’s time.


There are some risks with midface lift surgery. Blood clots and infections are two that are rare, but possible. Some people experience numbness in the muscles of the cheekbones and under the eyes. Swelling and bruising are common with any surgery, but it is possible that you may not heal as quickly. The healing process can be longer than expected. One of the last risks is hair loss. Some people lose hair at the place of the incision. Since the incision is small, hair loss is minimal and nothing to worry about too much.

Midface lifts are an excellent choice for those who are experiencing aging in the face. The beginning stages of aging have the biggest impact on the cheekbones. Just lifting the cheeks can have a major impact on your face overall. It can restore your face back to its former glory. If you notice some sagging in the face or feel like you need some restoration, consider a midface lift. It is a small procedure that can make a huge difference.


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