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Lip Surgery

Lip surgery can take your lips from thin and lifeless to thick and vibrant. Thick pouty lips are a new trend that everyone is seeking to obtain. Thin lips are no longer popular. Many women, use makeup to get the look of thicker lips. Contouring the lips with a dark lip pencil and putting lipstick on the outside of the lips can make your lips look full. Honestly, no one wants to have to do that every day. If you are tired of thin lips, lip surgery can do wonders for you.  The injection is quick, and you get instant results.

The lips are one of the prominent features on your face. They are not something that can be hidden or covered. Some people are born with large plump lips. Others have small thin lips. Lips are a prominent feature of certain cultures. African Americans tend to have larger more prominent lips than those of the Caucasian race. This statistic goes to show that genetics play a role in your lips. Genetics play a major role in your whole facial structure. When you are not born with plump lips, you tend to try different techniques to get them plump. Every product that claims to work does not. Lip surgery is one of the best ways to get fuller lips. The risks are low, and recovery is short.

Dermal Fillers

Lip surgery requires the use of needles to inject fillers into the lips. The procedure is quick, and it is minimally invasive. The filler is called dermal fillers. Another name for the fillers is hyaluronic acid fillers. There are different types of dermal fillers. Collagen is one type of dermal filler. It used to be the most popular filler, but now it has become the least popular. The new fillers are not only more effective, but they are safe. The filler is made of hyaluronic acid. Acid sounds bad, but this substance is naturally found in the body. Using substances that are already in the body makes procedures more effective and lowers risks. Implants are another source for full lips; fat injections may also be used, but these two options are not the best and pose greater risks and side effects.

Lip fillers have the purpose of adding fullness to the lips, but they can change the shape and structure of the lips. One thing lip surgery does not do is expand the lips to go beyond their natural location. Your lips will become fuller and more prominent, but they will not expand into the cheeks or closer to the nose. That is not the purpose of lip surgery.

Using hyaluronic acid fillers has many benefits. It is important to note that no lip injections last forever. They last for about six months and after that, you must get them done again. Overall it is a twice a year procedure. Some people choose to go more often. One of the benefits with hyaluronic fillers is the ability to control the amount of filler being put in. With implants, you cannot take some of it out or add more. It is a solid implant. With the injections, you can get it to your liking. You can say if you desire more or not. It is beneficial being awake to direct the surgeon. Bruising and swelling are to a minimum. Fat injections and implants cause swelling and bruising. Collagen may also cause swelling. Implants are permanent, but if you do not want them anymore, you must go through another procedure to have them removed. Injections last a long time and if you desire to have them again, you can. It is not a permanent decision that if you do not like, cannot be reversed. Side effects are pretty much nonexistent because of the hyaluronic acid. Your body does not react to it because it is a substance found in the body. Some fillers include lidocaine which may cause an allergic reaction, but with pure hyaluronic acid fillers, you should not have any problems.

Fat Injection Method

Lip surgery is quick and does not require hospitalization. If you do fat injections, you will undergo liposuction to get the fat removed from another part of the body. Once that fat is removed, it goes through a centrifuge process and then injected into the lips. The recovery for liposuction takes a lot more time than recovery for the lip surgery. Your lips are numb during the injection procedure. Needles do hurt, so it is best not to feel it. The surgeon will give you ice to reduce swelling, and it also helps in numbing the pain. Results are immediate and should be natural.

Lip surgery is not for everyone, but if you desire to bring fullness to your lips without having to do all these extra techniques, it could be what you need. Lip injections will not take you from Jennifer Aniston to Jay-Z. Your expectations have to be reasonable. Lips that are too big may not even compliment your face. Lip surgery should complement and enhance your beauty, not take away from it. Talk with a plastic surgeon about lip injections. Just a simple lip injection can take your look to the next level.


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