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Ear Surgery

The ears are a part of our face, but it is not always prominent. For some people, the ears are very prominent. Some people are known for having large ears. Unfortunately, it can run in the family. Sometimes it is not that the ears are exceptionally large, but the ears do not sit back on the head enough, which then makes them look as if they are protruding outward. There are many people with large ears. Will Smith is one famous person that comes to mind. It is good to know that you are not the only one who may have larger ears. Famous people have some of the same problems.

Reasons for Ear Surgery

There are several reasons why people may desire to have ear surgery. One of the main reasons is protruding ears. As stated before, your ears may not necessarily be super large; they may just protrude off the head more than usual. The next reason for ear surgery is large ears. Even if the ears are in the right place, large ears are very evident. Large ears are also called microtia. It is not considered a birth defect, but it can be a genetic issue. Microtia is a birth defect that will require surgery. Microtia is a condition that many children are born with. Their ears are extremely small, and there may not be an ear canal at all. Microtia is not the most common abnormality seen by plastic surgeons; primarily because it is solved early on in childhood. One of the last reasons for ear surgery is just not liking the overall look of the ears after a previous surgery. Sometimes people go to surgeons that do not know what they are doing. They completely botch them. Finding a better surgeon will fix all the old surgeon’s mistakes.

Ear Surgery Procedure

The procedure for surgery is completely dependent on what needs to be done. Surgery is meant to make your ears look very natural. The surgery starts with an incision behind the ear. Putting an incision behind the ear is a great idea because you cannot see the scars. No one looks behind the ears anyway. The incision is made right where the ear connects to the head. If the ears are too large, the doctor will remove cartilage and skin from the ear. While removing the skin and cartilage, the doctor is shaping the ear to the desired shape. Just like hair can be trimmed, the cartilage in the ear can be trimmed as well. The cartilage is then stitched back into place. Sometimes the surgeon just pins the cartilage to hold the ears back. This is a method used for protruding ears. Once the ear heals in place, the stitches are removed. When microtia is a problem, surgery is a lot more involved. Sometimes the doctor has to make an ear canal so that your child can hear.

After surgery, the surgeon will put a dressing over the ears. It will catch any excess bleeding. The ears may also be sore. Sleeping will be very uncomfortable for the first few days. Sleeping on your side will be nearly impossible. It is hard to get comfortable when you have pain. You may have to wear a headband to keep the ears in place for a few weeks. It is best to keep pressure off the ears completely. There are very few risks to the surgery. Infection is one risk. Another risk is the surgery not fixing your problem. Some people have bigger problems after surgery. The incisions may not heal right, or the ears look abnormal after. This is a rare thing, but it is possible. Most people are very happy after surgery. When those bandages are taken off, you can see evident changes.

Ear surgery is not a major surgery that takes hours to perform, but it can be life-changing. Some people lose self-confidence and have a low self-esteem just because of their ears. You should not have to hide because of your ears. Your ears should add to your beauty, not take away from it. If you are unhappy with the way your ears look, a plastic surgeon can fix that. Talk to them about the things you desire to change. This simple surgery can give you a new perspective on life and provide you with a new boost of confidence.


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