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Dry Eyes

Dry eyes are experienced by people everywhere. When you lack moisture anywhere, it can be a problem. Dry skin causes itching and bleeding. When your hair lacks moisture, it becomes brittle and falls off. Dry eyes are an issue specifically with your tears. It then leads to inflammation of both the tear ducts and tear gland. It is possible to make tears and have dry eyes. Tears are moisture, so how could that even happen? It is not enough to make tears. The quality of your tears is important as well. The symptoms are irritating, but there are many different options for treatment.

The eyes are very detailed structures of the body. They do not just operate from muscles and tissue. They need light as well. When it is dark, you cannot see at all, but when the light comes on, you can see clearer. Whenever there are problems with your eyes, it is like everything stops. When something gets in your eyes, you stop what you are doing and try to get it out. Itching eyes can ruin your day. The eyes are susceptible to many different problems, but dry eyes are one of the most common. Dry eyes are a lack of moisture, but even crying too much can cause eye irritation and dryness.

Cause of Dry Eyes

The two main causes of dryness are either lack of moisture or tears that are bad quality. When you do not make enough tears, you will automatically have dryness. What you probably did not know is that you can make tears that cause your dryness. The tears are made up of oil, mucus, and water. When there are issues with the oil glands or not enough water in the tears, you will have dryness. Many things contribute to these problems. Age is one factor. As you get older, you naturally produce fewer tears. The composition of your tears can change as well. Certain diseases cause dry eyes. Diabetes, rheumatoid arthritis, and thyroid issues all create dry eyes. Injury to the eyes is another problem. When you take certain medications, the side effect can be dry eyes. Not blinking enough will also cause dryness. If you have ever had a staring contest, you understand how hard it is not to blink. The eyes start feeling dry and start to burn. The environment is another factor that causes dry eyes. Being in dry, smoky climates will cause all the moisture in your eyes to evaporate.

Dry eyes cause a lot of discomforts. As far as pain sensations go, you feel both burning and stinging. Itching is another issue with dry eyes. The eyes are red and sometimes they swell. When the eyes are dry, you always get a feeling that something is in them, even though there is nothing there. Those dry spots create that sensation. Your vision also changes. It becomes much more difficult to see, especially in the dark. The vision gets blurry, and your eyes become sensitive to light. Who would have thought dryness could create all these problems. When your eyes get dry, the body tries to compensate for it by adding moisture. This then makes the eyes watery, but it does not cure the problem.

Our eyes get dry sometimes, but when it becomes consistent, you may need to see a doctor. Your complications may include eye infections and eye damage. The first step in reaching a diagnosis is getting an eye exam. The doctor can see dry spots on the exam. The doctor will also use a test that measures tear production. The last step is to determine the quality of your tears. These tests help to determine the primary cause of the dryness. Treatment is completely dependent upon the cause of the problem.

Dry Eye Treatment

The most common form of treatment is eye drops. The eyedrops add lubrication to the eyes. There are other drugs used as well. Anti-inflammatory drugs help to reduce the swelling in the glands and the tear ducts. Other medications are used to stimulate tears. For more severe cases, eye inserts are necessary. The insert is not like contacts. It is more like a dissolvable pill put into the eyes. The insert is called a Lacrisert, and it is placed between the lower eyelid and eyeball. As the insert dissolves, it releases the same substance found in eye drops. It is very effective in adding lubrication to the eyes.
Dry eyes are a common occurrence that I am sure you are no stranger to. When experiencing dry eyes, you have a lot of discomforts, and when it is not treated, you put yourself at a higher risk of eye infections and eye damage. Over time, it affects your vision. No one wants dry eyes. Try using over- the-counter eye drops. If that does not work, you should make an appointment with an ophthalmologist. They can analyze the problem and also provide better and more effective forms of treatment.


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