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Contact Lenses

Contact lenses are a great alternative to glasses. As a child, hearing that you needed glasses was like a sentence to the uncool club. Glasses back in the day used to be much thicker and not very fashionable. Nowadays, glasses look better. They have a thinner and sleeker look. Although glasses look better these days, no one wants to wear them all the time. Contact lenses are a great alternative to glasses. No one would even know you have them on. It also allows you to wear your nice fancy sunglasses. Paying for prescription sunglasses and regular glasses can be very expensive, but contacts have changed all that.

Contact lenses are durable and allow you to see just as good as glasses. The lens sits on the eye. It makes you feel as if you do not have any glasses at all. Most of the time you cannot feel them unless something is in your eye. You are also not bothered by seeing the rim of a frame. Those who have to wear prescription glasses do not always want to wear their frames. Going to places like amusement parks and swimming pools makes it difficult for you to wear your glasses. Dropping your glasses on a roller coaster is one of the worst things ever. You cannot even get them back.

Contact Lens Brands and Types

There are many different brands of contact lenses. There are also many different types. Almost anyone that wears glasses can wear contacts. There are special contacts for those who even have astigmatisms. The lenses are either soft or hard.

  • Soft lenses are made of plastic.
  • Hard lenses are made of glass.

The glass lenses are not as comfortable as the plastic lenses, but with certain prescriptions, you have to use hard lenses. The technology of contact lenses has improved to the point that you can now wear soft lenses even when you have astigmatism. Some common brands of contact lenses include Air Optix, Acuvue, and Biofinity. The brand prescribed to you is dependent upon your comfort level as well as your prescription. Contact lenses differ in the length of time which you can wear them. Some lenses are daily. You can only wear them once and throw them away. Other lenses you exchange by the month. They last about 30 days and then you have to put on a new pair. Then you have contact lenses that you can wear day and night. The Corneal Refractive Therapy lens actually reshapes the cornea in your sleep allowing for you to possibly not have to wear any lenses during the day. The only bad part about the lens is that it only treats nearsightedness.

Contact Lens Instructions

Contact lenses are great, but there are specific instructions you must follow. If you do not follow the instructions, you put yourself at risk for many eye problems, especially infections. If the instructions say that your contacts are to be worn only once, you should not try to wear them for a whole week. Contacts can hold on to bacteria, and when you wear them more than you are supposed to, you allow that bacteria to get into your eye. It is also very important to wash your hands before putting your contacts in and taking them out. Your fingers and hands have a lot of dirt on them. When you do not wash your hands, whatever is on them, may get into your eye. Getting anything in your eye is painful. Even the smallest hair can irritate your eye and have them watering. It is important to clean your lenses and put in new contact solution daily. The case that holds your lenses must also be cleaned. It is best to use water to clean them. Sometimes soap leaves a residue which only makes matters worse if it is not cleaned thoroughly.

Are Contacts for You?

Contacts are great, but they are not for everyone. When putting on contacts, you have to put your finger on your eye. A lot of people cannot handle that. Their eyes are way too sensitive, and the thought of it may freak them out. It is important to pick the proper type of lenses you want. Sometimes starting out, it is best to try a lens you can change daily. With teenagers, this is good because they may lose them or rip them anyway. So having a pair to wear daily can save you money. Most people go with monthly supplies. They either do 6-month or 1-year supplies. This option is also cheaper. It is important for you to pick what will work best for you.

Contact lenses are wonderful for those of us who wear glasses. It gives us another option, and it makes you feel normal. It is nice being able to buy sunglasses. For women, you may like your makeup better when you do not have glasses. The contacts really help bring out your eyes. If you are tired of wearing the same old pair of glasses, talk with your ophthalmologist about contacts. This could be the change you are looking for.


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