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Exercise During Pregnancy

You may feel leery about exercising during pregnancy, but it is a great thing. When you are pregnant, you are usually afraid to put too much strain on your body. The good news is, if you are already doing an exercise regimen, you do not have to stop. Exercising helps you stay healthy. It also lessens the pains and discomforts related to pregnancy. Due to certain pregnancy complications, you may have to stop exercising. In high-risk pregnancies, the doctor may also suggest you no longer workout. For most women, certain exercises assist in a healthy pregnancy. Understanding the facts of exercising during pregnancy may cause you to start an exercise regimen right away.

Pregnancy is an awesome thing. Many changes are going on inside of you and probably in your environment. You may be changing your lifestyle and your diet. Now that you are pregnant, there are many questions. Can I exercise? may be one. The answer to that question is dependent upon many factors. If you are faithful to the gym, it will be hard for you to stop. In many cases, the answer is yes. Exercise produces hormones that help your pregnancy. Benefits to exercising during pregnancy is tremendous.

Benefits Of Exercising During Pregnancy

Exercise not only keeps you healthy, but it helps with energy level and posture. When you are pregnant, the weight in your belly can affect your posture. You may feel more comfortable slouched down, but exercise helps improve your posture. During pregnancy, you typically feel very tired, but exercise helps increase your energy level. Back pain is common among pregnant women. Exercise decreases the chances of back pain. Pregnancy complications may include diabetes and high blood pressure. Exercise substantially decreases these complications. All exercise is not good exercise.

How To Exercise During Pregnancy

Before doing any exercise, you should start out by stretching. You do not want to pull anything, especially now that you are pregnant. You previously may not have eaten before working out, but now eating is mandatory. You have to get the fuel you need to sustain you and the child. Along with eating, you should make sure your exercise attire is appropriate. A good support bra is necessary for your new set of twins you are probably growing. You should workout in good comfortable shoes. Your gym shoes should have arch support and fit well. Be careful with exercises that involve you getting on the ground. If you get up too fast, you can get dizzy. You should get up slowly to avoid fainting. You may previously be used to exercising until you cannot breathe. Well, that is not good now that you are pregnant. You should not over-exert yourself. This is not a time where you should be increasing your endurance. Exercise enough to the point where you are still able to talk and breath. Now that you have guidelines, it is good to know what exercises are helpful and harmful.


Exercising is extremely helpful, but certain exercises can do more harm than good. Heavyweight lifting should be avoided. The strain used to lift heavy weight can put a strain on your child. Whatever exercise you are doing now, you may have to decrease slightly. If you are a runner, you may have to avoid marathons. As your pregnancy progresses, you will eventually have to stop running and walk. Swimming is a great exercise. The water may also take the weight off your back for a moment. It is good for relaxing your muscles. Walking is a great exercise. Low impact aerobics is the best. You should not be running sprints. If you feel the need to move faster, get on the elliptical or cycle. High impact sports like volleyball and basketball should be avoided. There is too much of a risk with these sports. Tennis and racquetball are great sports for pregnant women. Just make sure you are not doing any diving and falling.

Conditions to Avoid Exercise

Although exercise is very helpful, there are those who must avoid exercise altogether. If you have asthma or heart-related issues, you should avoid exercise. Exercise will only exacerbate the problem. If you have had many miscarriages, you also should not exercise. You have to be very careful because exercise may cause another one. Bleeding and spotting may mean you are doing too much. Constant bleeding and spotting are not good; therefore, you should avoid any high-impact activities and also talk with your physician. A mother who is older or has a high-risk pregnancy should avoid exercise. The doctor may put you on bed rest. If you are on bed rest, you need to be extremely careful. Even walking too much can cause early pregnancy or other problems.

You may not have thought you could exercise during pregnancy, but you can. Exercise is great for your body and has many benefits. Certain exercises should be avoided, especially those that are high impact. If you are unsure about exercise, talk with your physician. Do not start an exercise regimen unless your doctor clears it. If your doctor decides it is too risky, then stay away from exercise altogether. Being informed about exercise during pregnancy can help you make the best decision.


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