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Headaches and Facial Pain

Headaches can be extremely painful and do not only affect the head but also lead to facial pain.  When you experience a headache, all you want is some relief. You can feel the onset of a headache, and when you do not get medicine in time, it will set in. The pain can sometimes be unbearable. There are different types of headaches which have its own set of symptoms. The different types of headaches range in severity.  Migraines are the worst of the headaches. When you are experiencing migraines, the pain is severe and can affect your quality of life. Facial pain and discomfort are just a part of the struggle associated with headaches. Getting ahead of a headache and avoiding the causes will prevent you from experiencing the full-blown symptoms and having a bad day.

Sometimes you can begin to experience a headache out of nowhere. When it comes on, you will feel terrible. Sometimes you cannot even focus. Although you can get a headache from hitting your head too hard, most headaches result from problems with the blood vessels. You have blood vessels throughout the brain and face. The blood vessels supply both blood and oxygen to that part of the body. Without the proper amount of blood and oxygen, you would have a stroke. A headache is not a result of a lack of oxygen. The blood vessels in the head begin to malfunction. Sometimes they pulsate which causes a throbbing pain that may seem unbearable sometimes.

Types of Headaches

There are different types of headaches. Tension headaches are the first type. The brain does not process pain properly with tension headaches. Tension headaches occur all over the head. The pain ranges from mild to severe. It feels as if you are having a squeezing or a pressing in the head. A lot of times stressors cause the problem. Cluster headaches are the next type. Cluster headaches are more severe than tension headaches. Cluster headaches usually only occur on one side of the head. It works like clockwork sometimes. They may only occur during a certain time of day or a certain time of year. Most of the pain is felt behind the eyes and in the forehead or cheek. Pseudotumor Cerebri is a condition that mimics a brain tumor. Although you do not have a brain tumor, your symptoms make you feel as if you do. Spinal fluid greatly increases and causes a lot of pressure. Pressure increases in two different ways. Either the fluid does not drain properly, or the body makes too much spinal fluid. The build up of fluid leads to the swelling of the optic nerve. You may think you are having migraines, but you are not. Migraines are the worst of the tumors. Migraines affect millions of people. The pain can be so severe that you become disabled. The pain is usually on one side of the head, and it causes you to be very nauseous. You have a sensitivity to light and noise. You may feel throbbing pain and struggle with your vision. Migraines can last for about three days before you find relief.

Symptoms & Treatment

The symptoms of headaches vary but just about all headaches lead to facial pain. The facial pain is pretty much unavoidable because the head and face are connected. Most of the time, your pain is felt in the temples or forehead. You also have pain in the eyes and cheekbones. You may think only a sinus headache would cause facial pain, but every type of a headache leads to facial pain. Your face may feel achy and tender to the touch. The face pain is usually a result of muscle contractions. The facial pain ranges from a mild throbbing pain to a more severe stabbing pain. The eyes are probably affected the most, especially in migraines and pseudotumor cerebri. The optic nerve is under pressure, and when that pressure increases it causes pain and can affect your vision.

You need treatment for your headaches. You can try to let it run its course, but the pain can be so severe that you cannot go on without medication. Over the counter medication can help certain headaches like tension headaches, but it cannot treat them all. In the case of migraines, you may need an injection through an IV. Stronger medications are used, and because it is injected directly into the vein, it works much faster. In the case of pseudo cerebri, you can use medication, but surgery may be necessary to drain the excess fluid. Once the excess fluid is drained, you should feel instant relief.

Headaches are annoying, and the facial pain only makes things worse. The contractions of the muscles and blood vessels cause a lot of problems, and unfortunately, you feel most of your symptoms in your face. If you suffer from headaches, you should seek the help of a neurologist. Neurologists can test the cause of a headache and treat you accordingly. Do not let headaches and facial pain take over your life. Get the treatment you need and be free of your symptoms.


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