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We all have areas where it seems like the fat just will not leave; if that is you, SculpSure may be the answer. Everyone wants to rid themselves of unwanted fat. Problem areas for men are typically different than women. Women tend to have a larger fat percentage, primarily because of their ability to bear children. No matter where your fat lies, the main thing is getting rid of it. Weight loss plans help to rid you of some unwanted fat, but it takes a lot of work to get rid of all of it. Why not choose an easier method. SculpSure can be the best thing for you, and you do not even have to undergo surgery.

Fat Loss

When you decide to go on a weight loss journey, the goal is to lose fat. Some people can lose fat quickly and within a few months are at their desired goals. Other people struggle to get the weight off of them. Sometimes you reach your desired weight, but it becomes hard to get your desired look; this is because it is harder to remove fat in certain parts of the body. At this point, you have several options. One option is working out more and going on a strict diet. This option is a bit harder and takes more time. Most of us prefer to have the easy way out. SculpSure is a much easier way.


Liposuction has been the most common method of fat removal. The procedure has risks and takes some time to recover from. The recovery process is not always easy, but the results make it all worth it. SculpSure provides you with a way to remove the unwanted fat without having to go through the pain and downtime of recovery. It is a procedure that only lasts about 25 minutes and has a 90% satisfaction rate.

SculpSure Procedure

SculpSure works with thermal energy. SculpSure combines wavelengths with absorption. To start off, the physician will mark off the areas that you are having trouble with. In the case of SculpSure, the focus is on the flanks and abdomen. It is not approved to use on other areas of the body. Once your problem areas are marked, a customized pattern is made. The pattern has a lot to do with the effectiveness of treatment. The customized pattern is put into a plastic frame, and the thermal device is put in place. During treatment, you feel sensations of cooling and heat. The fat in those areas is being destroyed. Once the procedure is over, you can get up and go home.

The fat tissue is increased to a temperature of 42 degrees Celsius. It can go up to 47 degrees Celsius. The tissue is not damaged at all. The heat also does not destroy the skin. The cooling sensation helps soothe the skin and make it more comfortable for you. The system melts fat away. It will not remove 100% of the fat in the body, but it will destroy up to 24% of the fat cells in the body.

The Aftermath

There is no recovery time. There are also no instructions to follow after the procedure. You might think that after 25 minutes, you get off the table, and you are instantly skinny. I even wish it was that easy, but it is not. It takes some time for the treatment to show results. The light system activates the lymphatic system. The lymphatic system is part of the immune system and helps to fight disease. Instead of disease, the fat cells are being destroyed. You will start to notice results after 6-weeks; so you must be patient. Optimal results will take place in a 12-week period. Another thing to take note of is that you may not lose weight. If you do, it will only be about 1lb or so. The system does not kill enough fat to bring about a 25lb weight loss in those 12 weeks. You have to diet and exercise for the weight loss. Since the system is limited to your abdomen and obliques, you will not have fat loss in other areas like the thighs and back.


There are many benefits to SculpSure. One of the best benefits is losing that troublesome fat without having to go to the gym. The procedure is also safer than liposuction. You do not have to worry about recovery time or having to take off work for this procedure. The best part is that there is no pain at all.

If you are looking to get rid of some fat in the abdomen area, you should look into SculpSure. If you are looking to lose a lot of weight, you should look at other weight loss procedures. SculpSure is not the treatment for weight loss. It is a fat loss treatment. If you are considering it, you should talk with a bariatric surgeon about it. This procedure can be life-changing.


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