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Facial Fat Transfer

If you’re not quite ready for a face-lift, but want to enhance your face somehow, consider a facial fat transfer (or otherwise called facial fat injections or mirco-lipoinjection). This procedure can restore youth and volume to your lips, under-eye area, cheeks, and chin.

What is an Autologous Fat Transfer?

This procedure involves transferring fat within an individuals’ own body to plump up other areas of the body which may have sunken. Most often, this procedure transfers fat from the jowls, buttocks, thighs or abdomen, through liposuction and then inserts it into some part of the face. Before the fat cells are injected into the face, they are isolated and cleansed. The last step of injecting the fat cells into the face is called “fat cell transplantation.”

Candidates For Facial Fat Transfer

Most often, candidates for this procedure are adults who are wishing to diminish the appearance of age, i.e. wrinkles, furrows, frown and smile lines, and sunken areas of the face. A youthful and plumper aesthetic is achieved by restoring pleasing contours of the face.

Oftentimes, if candidates are unsure if this treatment is right for them, they should seek advice from a dermatologist who may be able to know if it would work well for them, as well as advise them on using another treatment option such as Botox, Radiesse, or CosmoPlast.

Your First Appointment For Fat Injections

During this time, the doctor will verify that you do not have any allergies that could affect the safety of the fat transfer technique. You should also disclose any medications you are on, as well as allergies, birth control pills, and supplements you may be taking.

What Can Areas of the Face Be Treated With Fat Injections?

  • Creases in the forehead
  • Furrow lines between the eyebrows
  • The contour around the nose
  • Jawline and temples
  • Scars
  • Sunken areas of the face, usually around the cheeks

Typically just one fat injection is needed to improve the area dramatically, and on occasion, maybe more than one injection is needed for long-lasting results.

Fat Injections vs. Other Dermal Fillers

The key difference between fat injections and other fillers is that other fillers are introducing a foreign ingredient into the body, while other the fat transfer does not. This greatly reduces one’s risk of having an adverse reaction to the fat filler, for someone who has sensitive skin or has certain allergies.

Secondly, fat injections last from several months to two years and sometimes they can even last indefinitely. By contrast, dermal fillers, especially those that contain hyaluronic acid, such as Restylane, break down in the body, causing the results to last several months at the longest.

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