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If you are an adult and need braces but do not want those traditional brackets, you should try Invisalign. Invisalign works just like braces except without the wires and brackets. They are custom made and available for both adults and teens. As a child, your parents take you to the dentist, and after all your teeth grow in, the dentist decides on whether or not you need braces. Many children do not get braces, and those that do may not wear their retainer properly meaning they need them again. As an adult, you do not want to look like a child again with those annoying braces. Invisalign is giving you a straighter smile without the look of braces. No one would even know you have them.

The teeth are an important component of a beautiful smile. So many people do not smile because they are embarrassed by their teeth. Your teeth do not have to hold you back from having a big smile. Your parents have a major impact on the way your smile looks. Most of our smile is genetic. Your straight teeth are dependent upon whether or not your parents have straight teeth. They also have an impact on your smile because it was their decision on whether or not you got braces. If your parents decided not to get you braces, you had no choice but to grow up with a crooked smile. That may be cute for a child, but as an adult, it can be embarrassing.

Now that you are older and able to pay for your own braces, you may opt out because you just do not want those brackets sitting on your teeth. Invisalign has changed the game. It is the new modern form of braces. They are custom made to fit your mouth specifically. They gradually straighten your teeth to give you the results you want. The material is totally different from traditional braces. Invisalign is soft and comfortable. It may take some time to get used to having them in, but the pain and discomfort are not nearly as bad.  The braces are made of plastic instead of wire.


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