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Teeth are strong bone-like structures in your mouth. You have 32 teeth total. Each tooth has its specific function, but they all help with chewing and eating. You may not see the importance of your teeth until you do not have them. We tend to focus on the health of our body, but ignore the importance of the health of our teeth. It is not enough to just brush your teeth. You have to floss as well. You should make a visit to the dentist every year to make sure there is no cavities or decay. Sometimes we do not go to the dentist until we have pain or a tooth that comes out. These should not be the only reasons you go to the dentist. If you stay up on your dental visits, you may be able to avoid needing a bridge.

A bridge in your mouth is used to bridge the gap between one or more missing teeth. Your tooth can get knocked out, and it could experience decay. Sometimes a cavity will cut deep into the tooth. You could have an abscess that will rot the tooth out. It is better to have the tooth pulled rather than leave it in and let it spread to other teeth. When you hear the news that you have to have a tooth pulled, you might be very disappointed. Nobody wants a missing tooth, especially if it is in the front of your mouth.

When you only have one tooth missing, you do not need dentures or a large structure to fix it. All you need is a little piece to fill it. Your doctor may suggest an implant, but many people go the other route and choose to have a bridge. The bridge looks like three teeth connected. A false tooth is in the middle, and two crowns are on either side. The two crowns fit perfectly over the teeth on either side of the missing tooth. The bridge is made of gold, porcelain, or alloys; it could also be a mixture of these three materials. Once a bridge is in place it is permanently placed down. It will not come out unless it is broken or cracked.

Types of Bridges

There are three types of dental bridges. Maryland bonded bridges is one type. These bridges are porcelain that is connected to metal. There are wings that extend over the two connecting teeth. The second type of bridge is a Cantilever bridge. This bridge is used when there are only teeth on one side of the missing tooth. It is the least likely of all the bridges to be used. It is not as popular anymore and can damage the teeth. The last type of bridge is a traditional bridge. A crown is made on either side of the missing tooth. The difference between a traditional bridge and a Maryland bonded bridge is that the Maryland bridge does not include crowns. It may also have plastic gums along with it. Most people get a traditional bridge. It is easy to work with and very comfortable.


There are many benefits to a bridge. The bridge allows you to chew properly and makes eating a lot easier. It helps to restore your beautiful smile. When you have a missing tooth, your smile is not complete. When you have even one tooth missing, your mouth shifts to compensate. Sometimes the other teeth will start shifting over because there is no stability. The mouth may also lose its shape.

The doctor has to prepare you for a bridge by shaving down the teeth next to the missing tooth. Shaving down the enamel will help the crown fit better. The doctor made a model of your teeth that will help them make a bridge that fits perfectly. A temporary bridge is put in place until the permanent bridge is made. When you come back to the dentist, they will remove the old bridge and put in your new bridge. The dentist may let you leave and see how the fit of the bridge is before they cement it down. Once you are comfortable with the bridge, they will cement it down, and it will not move or come out.
Hopefully, you will not end up with a missing tooth, but if you do, you can use a bridge to fix the problem. A missing tooth is like troubled water. Making a bridge will ease the discomfort.


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