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Transanal Endoscopic MicroSurgery

Transanal Endoscopic MicroSurgery -TEMS is a procedure utilizing an endoscope. Endoscopes allow procedures to be performed through the anus inside the rectum. TEMS requires no cuts on the outside of the anus or abdomen. Typically, TEMS procedures are safer than major surgery.

TEMS Treats The Following Conditions

  • Removal of benign – non-cancerous growths and polyps
  • Removal of small cancers from the rectum – avoiding major surgery

How To Prepare For TEMS Surgery

Your surgeon will order a variety of tests to prepare you for your procedure. The test will confirm your diagnosis, and see how far your disease has spread. The rectum will need to be empty. Yes, you will be required to take an oral bowel preparation the day before your procedure; this will be explained to your during your pre-operative appointment.

About TEMS Procedure

Performed through the anus, your surgeon will utilize an endoscope precisely to cut out the polyp or small cancer ensuring that a cuff of the normal surrounding lining is included in the portion of rectum removed. Tissues are stitched or left open to heal naturally.

Following your procedure, you may or may not be required to stay overnight. During your pre-operative appointment, your surgeon will determine this. Though complications are rare, you may experience minimal bleeding, inflammation, and possibly incontinence for a short period.


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