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Fecal Incontinence: Solesta Injection

Nearly 18 million people suffer from fecal incontinence, but Solesta Injection is a new treatment that is now changing lives. Fecal incontinence can affect everyone no matter the age or gender. Women tend to suffer a little more than men. As you age, you also become more susceptible incontinence. Incontinence can be an issue related to nerves, muscles, diarrhea, or constipation. Solesta is an injection therapy typically used when all other methods fail. It is the last resort before surgery. The therapy is safe and quick. It has been proven to have great results.

Fecal incontinence is not a situation that anyone wants to go through. It leaves you feeling uncomfortable, and it can affect your life. You will not want to go certain places r do certain things out of fear that you will have a bowel movement. Sometimes constipation and diarrhea hinder your ability to go to the bathroom in time. Both situations can numb the nerves and weaken the muscles. Nerve and muscle damage in the anal cavity can have a negative effect on your ability to control your bowels. Surgery is one thing that can damage nerves and muscles in that area. The rectum and anus are all parts of the colon. If the rectum drops, you may also have trouble controlling your bowels. Fecal incontinence may lead to a lot of gas and bloating. Fecal incontinence may be minor or severe. Mild incontinence typically means only gas and small amounts of stool escape. You still have some control of your bowels, but sometimes it slips. Severe incontinence means you have no control of your bowels at all.

Types of Treatment

There are many different types of treatments for fecal incontinence. The first form of treatment includes diet changes. By changing your diet, you can prevent diarrhea and constipation related incontinence. Many times spicy foods can irritate our bowels and cause diarrhea. Dairy products are a source of constipation. When you have a diet low in fiber, you also make yourself susceptible to constipation. When you are suffering from food poisoning or something like that, fecal incontinence may occur, but typically once you treat the food poisoning, the incontinence goes away. Another method of treating fecal incontinence is physical therapy. Physical therapy can strengthen the muscles that control your bowel movements. A therapist can help you by setting times for yourself to go to the bathroom. If you go on a schedule, your body may adjust and start signaling you to go at specific times. Medication is also used. Medication may include laxatives if your problem is because of constipation or drugs like Imodium if your problem is due to diarrhea.

When all else fails, the next step is to try the Solesta injection. Solesta is made of a few natural materials. The materials include dextranomer and sodium hyaluronate. The injection is a gel that acts as the natural tissues in your body. Solesta is a bulking agent that is injected directly into to anal canal. The injection works by bulking up the tissues in the anal canal. The thought is that if the tissues bulk up, it will help hold the fecal matter in the anal canal better.

Four total injections are given. The doctor puts the injection into the wall of the anal canal. Each injection works more and more. This method is so helpful because it does not require any incision and risks are low. The procedure is all of ten minutes and happens in the doctor’s office. You do not need anesthesia, and there is no recovery period. After receiving the injection, you should take it light for the first week while the injection is kicking in. You can pretty much resume your normal activities but keep physical activity light. As soon as the injection is over, it will begin to work. It may take up to three months for optimal results.


Solesta injections are not for everybody, but it has been proven to help nearly 60% of people that try it. The bulking of the tissues in the anal cavity improves the possibility of accidents. Since the injections have such lasting results, you do not have to continue to go back to the doctor for the same problem. Your quality of life is improved instantly. You will be more comfortable going out in public and doing things. The benefits of Solesta Therapy is tremendous, and the best part is there are pretty much no risks.

Solesta injections are a great method to try for fecal incontinence because the benefits outweigh the risks. When you are dealing with fecal incontinence, all you want is a treatment that gives you the opportunity to get your life back. Fecal incontinence makes you insecure and afraid to leave the house. Solesta injections are changing all of that. Through four fairly painless injections, you can gain control back and improve your quality of life without the hassle of surgery.


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