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Advanced Stress Test

We may not realize how much of a role stress plays in our health, but advanced stress testing can help prevent cardiological problems. Heart disease is not a problem that is strictly related to diet. Unfortunately, cardiovascular issues may also result from stress. Stress can cause heart attacks and all kinds of health problems. Stress has a direct relation to the heart. Think about being nervous. What happens to your heart. A lot of times, your heart rate increases. This increase may happen when you are scared as well. Both nervousness and fear are stress-related things. Just imagine what constant stress will do to you. Doing an advanced stress test can measure your stress levels and help you regain your cardiovascular health.


Stress is a response your body makes in certain situations. It is normal during times of high demand and when you feel threatened. We deal with stressful situations throughout life. Every day there is something that can cause stress. Some people are under more stress than others. When you dislike your job and do not have a peaceful home, that just adds stress to your life. One stressful situation is not a big deal, but a stressful lifestyle can be a big problem.

Stress is a result of the nervous system. When you are in stressful situations, the nervous system releases stress hormones. These hormones include cortisol and adrenaline. When these hormones are released, the body becomes aroused. It prepares for emergency action. Your body undergoes changes as well. The muscles tighten up, heart beats faster, and blood pressure increases. The senses sharpen and you breath quicker. This response is known as the fight or flight response. In emergency situations, people either run or they fight. When you are stressed over life situations or work, your body reacts the same way. Running is not an option. You just have to figure out a way to manage it.

Stress and Cardiovascular Health

You can experience stress from daily things or life-threatening situations. The problem is that both create the same response. The body cannot distinguish between the two. Most of us are under stress just from daily issues. Life-threatening situations do not happen every day. If you are under stress from daily things, you will cause health problems. The immune system will become suppressed; this makes it hard for you to fight infection. With your blood pressure being raised and heart beat staying elevated, you put yourself at risk for heart attack and stroke. You experience chest pain and put unnecessary stress on the heart.

Advanced Stress Testing

Advanced stress testing is a great preventative tool for cardiovascular disease. Advanced stress testing combines PET scans and CT scans in an imaging procedure known as Positron Emission Tomography/Computerized Axial Tomography. (PET/CT). This imaging tool allows the doctors to examine the coronary arteries at rest as well as during high-stress situations. It measures the blood supply to the heart as well as the heart’s ability to handle stress.

What Happens During the Test

The first step of the test is to add a tracer. The tracer is added through the vein. The tracer contains a camera that visualizes the heart during the test. Images are taken of the heart while you are lying on a table. The first images are resting images. The next step is the addition of a vasodilator; this too is administered through the vein. It dilates the blood vessels, increasing blood flow. Another tracer is placed through the vein to view the heart during a time of stress. Once the test is over, a cardiologist interprets the results and explains them to the patient.


Advanced Stress Testing is better than the average stress test. The procedure does not require you to run on a treadmill like a normal stress test. This makes it a non-invasive test. The images it shows are sensitive meaning that they are much clearer and better. The images are not affected by body mass, and it can show you your risks for other heart diseases. The test can be done in one day, unlike other stress tests. The doctor is also able to see if there is a blockage in the arteries. There are many advantages to the test, and the risks are minimal.

If you are under a lot of stress and dealing with chest pain or other heart-related issues, you may need an advanced stress test. Advanced stress tests are less invasive and easier than the average stress test. Stress may be just a common thing for you, but it should not be. You have to learn how to handle stress and use it to your advantage. It is also good to do what you can to remove the stress out of your life. Excess stress will cause heart problems and it best to diagnose any stress-related problems before they cause life-threatening issues like heart attack and stroke.


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